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We all want to give our little one's the best possible start in life. It's so unfortunate that many of the "baby" foods sold in stores are full of sugar, chemicals, and other ingredients that have no business being there.  Being a parent is already stressful enough: having to worry about feeding your precious one healthy, wholesome real foods shouldn't add to it.

We're expecting the perfect solution very soon...  a sampler of delicious, healthy, and well-balanced  baby purees, and toddler friendly meals and snacks, that can be delivered each week along with your own healthy meal program. All tested rigorously of course, by our youngest (8 month old) taste-tester.

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New Summer Menu

Summer is near, and we're wanting to keep things fresh by adding plenty of new flavorful, healthy, delicious and creative dishes to our menu. 

Let us know what you're most excited to try- or what meals you'd love to see us "clean up" and include in our menus!

Happy Eating!

The Health Benefits of Spices and Herbs

Somewhere around 5000 years ago, an intelligent bunch of people discovered that certain herbs and spices can help our body function more efficiently and also help protect against certain diseases. However, after so many years we seem to have lost track of these herbs and the knowledge. We hope that this article would help you understand how simple herbs and spices available in our houses are helpful in various ways. 

A very common spice in your food daily, but not many would know that this can be used for treatment of diarrhea, common cold, vomiting, infections and many more. Also if one is suffering from high blood sugar, then cinnamon can surely be of help to them in reducing the same. Some also claim that it has a positive effect on the diabetic patients, however strong medical evidence of the same is yet to be established.

Well, not many people know about turmeric being one of the best antibiotics that can be thought of. Turmeric is one of the most effective ingredients when it comes to Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The benefits of this particular spice are beyond imagination. Diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cystic Fibrosis and many others can also be curbed with this. Turmeric has proved to help people gain immunity against cancer as well.

Garlic has found immense importance in the medical field, be it common cold or blood pressure. The risks of one having a cardiac arrest or any cardiac problems are also reduced by regular intake of garlic. Alzheimer’s disease, chronic disease and Dementia can also be prevented and cured by consuming garlic in your diet.

Mint helps you get relief from nausea, head ache, and indigestion. Not only in the edible form, but it is helpful in other forms as well. Mint oil when applied is really helpful in certain cases. Respirator disorders and cough and cold can also be won over with the help of mint.

Are you experiencing a swelling or an inflammation on any of your body parts? Then here is your relief, basil would help you get relief in as fast as 24 hours. If you want to look young, then basil is the perfect anti aging agent for you. Furthermore, it is a great source of antioxidants.

Rich in copper, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and few other important minerals for the body, fenugreek seeds are famous for their medicinal properties. A diabetic patient must try to consume as much Fenugreek as they can. Painful menstrual cramps can also be eased with this spice. Preventing and fighting against male infertility, high cholesterol, weight loss and heat burns are some of the other advantages of the spice.

This nutrient dense spice is nowhere behind the ones mentioned above when it comes to nutritional value and the medicinal uses of the same. The uses of the spices are in the form of an active anti oxidant. This has also been one of the most effective home remedy for anti-bacterial product.

Coriander seeds
The next time you bite onto some of the coriander seeds be sure that you have consumed a whole lot of nutrition. The advantages of this spice are that it helps reduce blood sugar, prevents cancer and also has various neuro-protective benefits.

When an ingredient alone helps improve digestion, enhance concentration and memory, prevents cancer and brain aging, you would probably know that it is rosemary that one is talking about. The varied effects of the product make it one of the most diverse ingredients.

Belonging to the Apiaceae family, Aniseed is one of the most beneficial products of the P. anisum species. Aniseed acts as an anti-epileptic, anti rheumatic, anti-hysteric, aperients and many more. 

Suffering from high blood sugar levels? Well here is thyme to help you out. Be it common cold or cough or increased blood sugar level, thyme offers relief in all these conditions. Thyme can be used to boost immunity, act as a disinfectant, and helps to get rid of pests. 

A fragrant, warm ingredient used in many Holiday-inspired dishes, this helps in better digestion, has chemo preventive properties, liver protection and many more. Diabetes control and boost to the immune system are some of the other important medicinal properties of clove.

Cumin helps in digestion, fights against piles, helps you ease off the respiratory disorders and also makes sure that you are well protected against common cold. Consume cumin regularly and keep these problems at bay. 

Well known for its medicinal properties and nutritional benefits, parsley is a great herb. Rheumatoid Arthritis is also controlled with the help of this herb. It has anti inflammatory properties and helps to strengthen the immune system. Parsley has also proved to be beneficial for Osteoporosis and Diuretic effects. 

Ginger root is well known for the medicinal properties. It can be used in different forms. Ginger prevents food poisoning, eliminates the chances of nausea and vomiting and malaria. If you are suffering from acute respiratory problems, then intake of ginger would be a good option. The root looks after one's kidney and stomach. The hair oil is also something worth mentioning which helps take good care of your hair.

Here, we have discussed about some of the most well known spices and herbs that help us to lead the best life that we people can ask for. We would expect every reader to help themselves out with these herbs and spices when in need, while discovering new, delicious ways to add these into your everyday diet!

The Power of Habits

A new year is upon us and you know what that means… we all start making promises to ourselves: promises we inevitably cannot keep, the dreaded "New Year's Resolutions". 

images (1).jpg

We go around happily inquiring with friends and family "what are your new year's resolutions",  "what promises are you going to make to yourself that will be broken by February 1st"?!  You know what I'm talking about.  Your gym starts to feel unusually smaller come January and when you at least had a couple inches between you and another yoga mat at hot yoga, you now seem to be uncomfortably close to the other yogi.  As January makes room for February, you notice things have started to go back to normal.  You aren't so close to the next person at yoga, and you don't have to line up at the gym anymore for the treadmill.  This happens because as I said above, we make promises to ourselves that are unsustainable.  We want to feel that energy of "it's a new year, a new you".  The marketing tells us so.  We want to be new, we need to be new and we are determined to get there... at least in January.

How can we get to the place we want to get to without quitting?  Don't you notice most often when you do quit and you do not reach your ultimate goal, it doesn't feel good?  You feel disappointed in yourself and you get kind of down.  Now you are in a worse spot than when you committed to the resolution in the first place!  That's not healthy and that's not where you want to be.  I have to be honest, I am 100% guilty of making extreme goals or resolutions if you will.  I do this throughout the year, it does not have to be New Year's.  I have done this all of my life since I was a little girl.  Some people call it ambitious and some people call it setting yourself up for failure.  I prefer the former thank you very much!  I never want to persuade someone from not setting goals.  Goals are healthy, wanting to improve on our health, be it mental or physical is a very wonderful idea and should be cultivated.  We all should have wild goals written in our journals, taped on the fridge, on our vision boards, that is what life is about.  I think after all of these years I have read, talked to others, and learned that the one thing that sets apart the people that attain their lofty goals and the people that do not is one thing; habits, daily small habits.  That's it.  This sounds easy, but I can tell you, it takes practice and most often the simple things are the hardest to accomplish because our minds are programmed that if it's simple it won't work.  It has to be hard, we must "work hard", haven't we all been told that?  And yes, working hard, putting in effort are definitely important to achieving goals, but daily small rituals will put you on the golden path to success.

We first make our habits, then our habits make us

John Dryden

For example, when I started running I thought the best way to become a very good runner was to start out running an hour each day.  Well that is not attainable when first of all, you are a beginner and second of all the chances of having an hour per day or even having the energy to do this after having a baby are slim to none, let's be honest.  When that obviously was not working, I had to make a change.  I started to run for a shorter distance more frequently and I got there.  That was seven years ago.  Since then I've run two half marathons and although I have yet to reach my goal of running a marathon I know if that is something I want to do, then I will make it happen.  I'm not breaking any records, but I did create a healthy habit through small consistent changes which I still do today, seven years later.

Another reason we may sometimes fall short of our goals and aspirations is the fact that we create this gigantic goal but we then have no idea how to get there or what to do first so we jump in with both feet without even testing the water.  People with black and white thinking often do this.  Does this sound like you?  It kind of goes like this: set huge lofty goal, want this to happen right now, thinks "what do I have to do to make this happen right now"?  Say you have less than healthy eating habits and you are carrying some extra weight.  You are not happy, you feel sad on a regular basis and you know your blood pressure is up and your outlook on life is down.  Ahhh, a New Year approaches, perfect timing to lose this weight and change your lifestyle for good.  "I'm going to go to the gym 7 days per week and I'm going to eat nothing but salad and fresh juice all day every day, yep, in three weeks I should be at my ideal weight and my better self will emerge"!.  Great large idea, good start, not so good initiation. 


We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then is not an act but a habit


Setting small habits tips:

·         Set an intention

·         Research on what is needed to execute goal

·         Break your intention or goal into smaller goals

·         Pick one or two components per week to work on, once you've achieved those, set one or two more;  (Example: You want to stop eating sugar; omit one sugar item per week from your diet; once you've successfully achieved that goal, omit another sugar item from your diet and so on.)

You are now well on your way to reaching your plan!  Stay focused, don't give up, you can do this.

Have a happy new year and may 2016 be your year for optimal health and happiness!

The Great Fruit Debate


There is a great debate going on out there and it has nothing to do with politics!

I’m talking about fruit. Yes fruit: those delicious, juicy, naturally sweet gifts from mother earth. Who doesn’t like fruit? Most people will choose a fruit over a vegetable, adults and children alike. And why not?! Fruit in its colourful, mouth-watering glory is perfectly balanced – vitamins, minerals, fibre, and a touch of sweetness; what more could you ask for?

What I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about is the sugar content in fruit. It seems that people are a little concerned with (or maybe a little confused about) sugar and fruit. 

Fruit contains natural occurring sugars (fructose) vs. processed foods which contain added sugars (white sugar, brown sugar, agave nectar, high fructose corn syrup).  Let’s face it, we are all privy to the knowledge know that limiting our processed foods intake will vastly improve our health, but what about fruit? The significant difference is how the sugar metabolizes in our bodies.

Without getting too exuberant or technical; how much sugar is already in our bodies will dictate how the sugar is used.  The bottom line is if you are already eating a high sugar diet then the more sugar you add will turn to fat or glycogen (storage form of glucose). Added sugars in our processed foods leave you wanting more which is why people become “addicted” to sugar. Fruit on the other hand leaves you full and satisfied due to our good ole’ friend fibre. Let’s not forget that fruit is alkaline and the more alkaline your body is the chance of falling ill or your body being plagued by disease is drastically reduced. 

Unfortunately, life isn’t like it was when our grandparents went to market. They did not worry about sugar as we do. Sugar was something kept in the pantry to fold into delectable butter tarts and homemade pies. Now a days if you are not purchasing your foods in the fruit or vegetable isles chances are high that you are consuming an abundant amount of refined sugar. Pick up a box, a can or a bottle in one of those middle isles of your favorite grocery market and you will find sugar is now added to foods that should not contain sugar and is completely unnecessary. For example a can of beans in tomato sauce states on the back of the can that a half a cup serving will provide your body with 9 grams of sugar! What?? Why?? Our grandmothers I am confident would be waving their heads in wonder about that one.

Another interesting one is bread.  Store bought bread contains an average of three grams of sugar per slice.  So, if you’re popping two of those babies in the toaster, before you’ve even brushed your teeth you and possibly your kids have ingested six grams of sugar; you’re not even out the door yet!

 In a Maclean’s article called “Death by Sugar” from May 6, 2014, they quoted the following statistic: 

“1985 to 2011 the obesity rate among Canadian adults more than tripled…” 
 The reason? Sugar. 

Can you imagine if we keep trotting down that path as a society?  Well… that is a discussion for another day.

If you have ever had the pleasure of being in the presence of those wonderful, darling, sweet angels I call teenagers (your younger self included!), you’ve surely noticed that their drink of choice is…? Yep, you guessed it, soft drinks. There isn’t a more sugar laden food item than pop. A can of Coca Cola in all of its high fructose corn syrup glory, contains a whopping nine and a half teaspoons of sugar. If you take a look at what that looks like visually, you will be shocked to say the least. 

Fruit is not the enemy or their naturally occurring sugars. What we should be asking ourselves is how much processed foods and refined sugar are we eating. When you can answer that question honestly then the debate about fruit and sugar content wanes quite a bit. As I mentioned above, it is the amount of sugar already in our bodies that will affect how we metabolize more sugar. Therefore, it is safe to say: if you limit your processed food intake to decrease the amount of sugar within your body then worrying about if it’s okay to have a second banana during the day seems well, just ridiculous. 


Below I’ve listed just a few examples of high sugar content fruits and low sugar content fruits. If you are curious there are lots of handy charts you can print off for yourself online.

High Sugar Content: grapes, bananas, mangos, sweet cherries, apples, figs, pineapples, pears, nectarines, tangerines. 

Low Sugar Content: Strawberries, blackberries, avocado, grapefruit, plumes, cranberries, raspberries, kiwi. 

Fruit is the nectar from the Gods. One of the most naturally perfect foods on earth. At the end of the day maybe we should be more worried about how many soda pops we are consuming daily or how many bowls of refined sugar cereals we are serving our kids rather than how many grams of naturally occurring sugars are in an apple. 

Food for thought don’t you think?


PS... don't forget to always choose from among what's in season, to get the most nutritional content out of your produce! 

It's our Birthday, and we're celebrating with a Healthy Lifestyle Makeover Contest!

We’re so happy to be celebrating our 1 year Anniversary this week!

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If you’ve been wanting to make a change in your life, let us help show you how a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean deprivation, starvation, or wasting hours on different gimmicks and diets. We want our Winner (and all our clients) to have their cake, and eat it too!


*Contestants must be within our delivery area

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"Diet": a Four Letter Word we need to stop using!

Do Diets Really Work?

Dwell on the problem and what do we receive?  More of what we're dwelling on.  In other words, when focusing the mind on – “I must lose weight for…” or “I have to lose weight because…”  Most often this results in receiving the complete opposite, for many people.  There usually tends to be weight gain as oppose to weight loss.  And yes, maybe the selected diet does work – as long as it’s followed, religiously.

But is all the deprivation, starvation, stress and discipline really worth it? Never! Focus on feeling good!  Eat what feels good.  Eat what feels good to the system.  Eat what provides more brain power, increased levels of energy, natural endorphins.  

Increased vitality translates to natural weight loss.  

When we gain weight or are unable to lose the excess, it’s because we are stubbornly holding onto that which we fear: we are focused on the struggle.  By doing this it can take years to lose five or ten pounds.

If it doesn’t feel good, just stop doing it.  Plain and simple.  Don’t like going to the gym?  Choose a different activity, one that can be appreciated and enjoyed.

When we switch our way of looking at the situation, when we do more of what feels good and what makes us happy - all that we don’t want or whatever no longer serves us, tends to naturally fall away.  As that which does not serve, falls away, we make room for more of what it is we do want.  

We can focus on letting go of the struggle, thus continuing to stay stuck.


We can focus on embracing those feelings that are felt when we: put on a new pair of jeans, wear clothes that fit better, climb that mountain we thought we’d never climb, become daily joggers or a professional athlete.  When we can embrace the solution, we achieve those dreams faster and receive results which are much more concrete and better suited to our personal desires.

The fall weather is soon to arrive.  This translates to the body - hoarding more weight for warmth.  For many families, there is an increase of baked goods for winter as people prepare for the holiday season.  Let’s face it, we all eat more snack foods when it cools off outside.  
Hey, who says we can’t sneak an extra cookie or eat warm comfort foods?  If every food entry is being monitored by a diet - to focus on weight loss… eating cookies, probably aren’t part of the equation.  

Yet, when approaching things differently, when being focused on how amazing one feels after that delicious salad creation or autumn soup cleanser concoction, then – there is no shame or guilt felt when eating a couple of chocolate chip cookies, for example.  
When we feel good about ourselves and that which we choose to put into our bodies, we make better choices.  We make decisions to eat cookies with oats and almonds and cranberries vs sugar cookies.  When we make banana breads, we choose to add a zucchini or select a healthier flour type.  We naturally take care of ourselves, when we live in the solution, when we feel good.  We embrace the lifestyle which most resonates with our spirits and our ways of thinking.  

If we are focused on a mentality of having to lose ten pounds a month or else… do the math..  It’s really not that hard to figure out.  Granted, we may not always see this solution for ourselves, this is true.  Although, the answers become quite clear to us, when we see loved ones go through struggles.    

Let’s stop the struggles, switch it up, and focus on embracing the amazingness that exists in each of us.

We naturally hang on to what we fear letting go of – weight included.  What would happen if we let go of the excess weight or the weight that holds us back?

Let’s explore this for a minute:

We feel lighter
We stand taller
We gain confidence
We wear clothes that fit better
We try new things
We enjoy new experiences
We find more energy
We feel younger
We encourage others
We focus on accomplishing more goals.


Moral of the story? Stop dieting,  and start living a healthy lifestyle (which includes a healthy diet!) You'll see- not only will you reach your goals, but you'll be able to sustain them without adding any extra stress on yourself and feel amazing. After all, isn't that what becoming healthy is all about?

Feeling Fishy? The Health Benefits of Salmon and How to Best Enjoy Them

Fish in general is an incredibly healthy food to eat. The biggest selling point is the omega 3 fatty acids. There are very few things on this earth that contain this magical fatty acid that our body cannot produce and yet, we need this for our bodies to thrive. Among the list of the omega 3 fatty acids (from here on referred to as O3FA) benefits are: it lowers your blood triglycerides (which cause heart disease), can aid in curbing arthritic pain, helps with infant brain development, also aids with other anti-inflammatory functions. In case you didn’t know, inflammation is linked with cancer. Cancer loves inflammation!  And the list of benefits goes on…..literally.

So which fish has the most O3FAs? Salmon! Sockeye salmon ranks as the number one source of O3FAs. The second would be Atlantic salmon……but our recommendation would be to avoid Atlantic salmon like the plague. Would you like to know why? “Atlantic salmon” is code for farmed salmon. Farmed salmon should be avoided. You never know what the conditions of the farm are. Many (not all) farms are not kept well. They can live in their own filth and breed diseases that carry over to your dinner table. Not only that, but farmed salmon get very little exercise and therefore have a much higher (and lower quality) fat content. Farmed salmon are fed grains and vegetable oils that are highly unnatural and packs them full of omega 6's. This actually counteracts the benefits of the omega 3's in our bodies. Wild salmon are just superior in every way. 

When choosing a piece of salmon there are many factors that influence our choice; farmed vs fresh, price, previously frozen, how you plan to cook it and of course what is available at that time. Here’s a short list of a few types of salmon and their respective pros and cons:
King (aka Chinook) Salmon is the best salmon available. Last I checked an entire side of this beast runs you around 400 dollars! Prized for its spectacular fat content (which means more O3FAs), this fish is very forgiving when cooking.

bbq salmon.jpg

Sockeye is oilier with a beautiful deep red color and best suited for the grill. The price tag on this guy is much less, definitely manageable for the “every man.”

Even cheaper still we have Coho, very light in color with a high fat content. You often see farmed Coho in the lower quality sushi restaurants; it has a nice mouth feel when raw.
Finally we have pink and chum salmon. The cheapest option as well as the smallest sized salmon. These guys are best suited for canning or smoking.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, let’s discuss the best part………..how we can eat it! A classic French dish loved by many is Salmon Buerre Blanc (which translates to salmon in white butter). A buerre blanc is a very rich butter sauce, very similar to a hollandaise. Since butter and wine are the main components, as long as the butter is organic and you eat it in moderation, this recipe is very healthy! There is a little bit of technique involved, but once you master this you will impress everyone with your skill in the kitchen. Give it a try! What have you got to lose?

Salmon Buerre Blanc

Salmon filets                           5 oz is a good portion size
Salt and Pepper                      pinch
Coconut Oil                             tbsp

Make sure to pat your fish dry on both sides, and then season on both sides. Do this when ready to cook and not before, otherwise the salt will suck out all the salmon’s moisture. It is important to let your fish sit out of the fridge for about a half an hour before cooking it. Heat the pan to medium high, and add the coconut oil. Always go skin side first. To get a nice crispy skin, keep the salmon on the skin side for 70% of the cook time (this goes for all fish). Roughly 5 minutes depending on the thickness of the fillet. Then flip it and cook about 3 minutes on the other side. Be sure you don’t move it around too much, and don’t smush it down in the pan to make it cook faster, that also leeches the moisture. This should get you just in between medium and medium well. This is a very easy and simple way to cook a piece of salmon, and it is highly recommended that you try this way if you’ve never tried your hand at fish. Oh! And make sure you leave the salmon a lot of room in your pan, or you’ll end up boiling it.

Classic Buerre Blanc (500ml): 
White wine                                                                          15 ml
White wine vinegar                                                            63 ml
Sea Salt                                                                                 3.5 g
White pepper                                                                      5 g (black is fine too)
Shallots, minced                                                                 15g
Whole organic butter (unsalted and chilled)                 454g

The first step is to make a reduction (this is the act of cooking liquid down until the flavor is very strong and not much liquid remains). So combine all the ingredients except the butter in a saucepan and reduce until approximately 30 ml of liquid is left (any more and it will be too thin). Now cut the butter into pieces (roughly 30g each). Over low heat, whisk the chilled butter into the reduction a few pieces at a time (this will keep the sauce between 43 and 49 C). Now strain it and serve! (Straining is optional, I like a bit of shallot in it personally). One thing to note about this sauce is that like hollandaise, you can't make it in advance. If it gets too cold, it will solidify. If it gets too hot, the proteins in the butter will break down and release the fat, causing the sauce to separate. If you screw anything up, don’t let it be forgetting to buy UNSALTED butter. Trust me……you’d end up with a salt flavoured mess.

Since it’s summer, and we’ve been experiencing a ridiculous heat wave, perhaps you’d like to keep the heat outside of your house! Let’s take a look at grilling salmon.

As previously mentioned, sockeye is perfect for the grill due to the oily nature of its fat content. It’s like built in Teflon! (You should still grease your grill a little *chuckle).  Here is a very simple summer salmon recipe and should you choose to, feel free to do a whole side of salmon if you’re up to the challenge. It is a little more difficult to cook an entire side of fish, so we’re going to stick with the 5 oz filets for this recipe.

Maple Glazed Grilled Salmon:

Salmon Filets                                              5 oz
Salt and Pepper                                          Pinch
Coconut oil (for the grill)                          As needed

The Glaze:
Maple Syrup                                               1/3 cup
Whole Grain Mustard                               3 tbsp
Cider Vinegar                                              1 tsp
Fresh Thyme                    ½ tsp
Sea Salt and pepper                                   TT

Get your grill fired up to a medium high flame (375 f to 425 f) and make sure it’s been cleaned off really well. Now you’ll need an oven safe sauce pan (frying pan works fine). Get your pan heated up and add all your glaze ingredients. Now close the grill and let the sauce heat up 3-4 min, just until it comes to a boil and then remove from the grill. Now that your grill is nice and hot, warm some coconut oil and dip a rag in it. Use that to oil your grill, and brush a bit on the filets after you pat them dry. Now season both sides of each filet aggressively. Place them skin side down on the grill and close the grill for about 3 minutes. You are looking for the skin to crisp and for grill marks to start to form. Using a heat proof flat spatula, carefully flip your filets and brush the glaze on (should be skin side up). Now close the lid another 2-4 minutes. Closing the lid helps with the urge to fiddle with them hahaha. That should do it! Now just brush a little more glaze on and serve immediately! A perfectly simple summer protein for your barbeque!

While we’re talking about grilling, why not take a look at one more summer salmon recipe; the salmon burger:

For the bun, we recommend either a good lettuce wrap or a good quality sprouted grain bun such as spelt or kamut. What you put on said bun is entirely up to you (mango/papaya salsa? hint hint), we don’t need to tell you what you like. For the type of salmon, cheapest is best in this application. Here is the burger mix:

Summer Salmon Burgers (makes 8~ 3 inch around, ½ inch thick patties)

Salmon                2 lbs (skinless, pin bones removed)
Large Organic Eggs             2
Fresh Dill                 3 tbsp
Sea Salt                2 tsp
Fresh Black Pepper            1 tsp
Shallot (medium)             1 (medium dice)
Celery Seeds                 ¼ tsp
Sprouted Grain Breadcrumbs        ¼ cup
Coconut Oil (for the grill)

Put everything but the salmon, crumbs and oil in your food processor. Pulse it just enough to get everything combined (4 or 5 times). Now add 1/3 of the salmon and get it chopped a bit (4 or 5 pulses) and continue to add a third at a time pulsing as you go. You should be seeing small, medium and large chunks of salmon. Give it a couple pulses to get it incorporated well, but be sure not to over process the mix or you’ll have some very tough and dry patties. Transfer the mix to a mixing bowl with the bread crumbs and mix it all in real good, and then form your patties. When cooking burgers, unless you are using sushi grade salmon you should be cooking the fish all the way through (once you put meat into a food processor, all the contaminated areas that can be cleansed through heat are mixed up all throughout the product so you have to make sure to cook it through). Now just fire up the grill (medium high), get it nice and hot, oil it and place the patties on the grill. Cook them about 5 minutes under a closed grill (undisturbed) and then flip and cook about another 4 minutes. Done! So easy, so simple!

 We hope you enjoy your summer!