Good food to fuel you.

Eat Your Cake was launched in Vancouver with one goal in mind: Make it easy for people to improve their health without sacrifice. (Translation: down with deprivation, fad diets, binging, weight yo-yoing, and over exercise.) Combining her passions of nutrition, culinary arts, fitness, and psychology, founder Joanna Wolski decided to turn these into something revolutionary for the Vancouver Health and Wellness scene in order to change the way that people think about improving their health. As a nutritionist with a special interest in psychology, she knows that deprivation is a sure-fire way to fail reaching those goals, and only fuels the rollercoaster of dieting, binging, and weight yo-yoing. And being a busy mother of two young children, she also understands the priceless value of quality time with family, and that such a service would improve the lives of many more families by providing them with more time and piece of mind.


Having developed a line of delicious, 'naughty-tasting' meals and desserts congruent with nutritionally balanced eating plans, she founded Eat Your Cake to be the missing link between healthy eating and hectic lifestyles. Together with her husband Josh, who brought his technological and analytical background to ensure a great customer experience and manage the hard-working administrative team, they are offering a way for people to get healthy, lose weight, get fit, save time, have their cake (and eat it too!)


When word got out that folks could have their cake and, well, eat it too and that health eating was affordable and life changing, Eat Your Cake grew (and grew and grew). We now serve Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Langley, and have our first retail location for nutritious grab n’ go meals on West Broadway in Vancouver. 


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Eat Your Cake makes eating healthy, losing weight, achieving athletic goals, and feeding the family simple. It replaces the misery, anxiety, and health issues that come from stress-eating, deprivation, and poor eating choices with joy, convenience, and improved health.
About Gallery
About Gallery

In order to fuel your body well you need to eat well. And eating well can be delicious.

Eating healthy is not synonymous with boring meals that taste like cardboard. At all. You can eat well and have super happy taste buds and a full belly. That’s the whole point. A healthy lifestyle does not mean giving up the foods you love (unless of course you’re head over heels for banana splits on the regular. Then you’ll need to tame that a little with a sugar detox. Don’t worry; we can help you with that.) It also doesn’t mean slaving over the stove and spending time prepping vegetables. That’s no fun. Healthy eating can be convenient, too. So your “I’m too busy to eat well” excuse isn’t gonna fly any more.

Our meal plans are designed to be both nutritionally balanced and deliciously incredible. So you actually like eating healthy. Imagine! They’re based on a “clean eating” philosophy—using real foods packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that help reduce inflammation, rebalance hormones, increase energy, promote weight loss, and even help put on lean muscle mass if you want it. We do all the prep work.  We make everything from scratch in our commercial kitchen so we control exactly all the ingredients and nutrition in the meals we deliver. The meals are delivered fresh (never frozen) by our friendly delivery drivers. You just have to eat the food. Lucky you!

Interested in a Ketogenic, Paleo, Vegan, or Whole 30 diet? We cater to nearly every sort of healthy dietary plan. Our menus change every week and the meals are designed to be customized to your every preference. Our kitchen Wizards are pros at making your meals suit your needs! Our goal is to make eating healthy an enjoyable experience with tonnes of variety and flavour. Because we believe in healthy, longterm lifestyle habits, not "diets", our goal is to make sure our meals deliver all the nutrition you desire, while ensuring you look forward to every upcoming meal! The meals come fresh (never frozen) and fully cooked. No thawing, cooking, or cleaning required.

Have any questions about if we can customize a mealplan for your specific needs? Shoot us an email, phone call, or book a free consultation with our Registered Nutritionist, and we're more than happy to help create the perfect plan for you.

Joanna Wolski
Joanna Wolski
Founder / President

Joanna is a nutritionist with a special interest in the psychology of food. She knows that deprivation is a sure-fire way to fail at achieving weight loss and health goals. So she decided to create a business that shows people how to eat holistically and healthfully without giving up their favourite cravings or requiring any more time.

Josh Desmarais
Josh Desmarais
Director of IT & Customer Service

Josh manages the Eat Your Cake customer experience. Our clients know that our service is as impeccable as the food we make and deliver. That’s because Josh ensures that our admin team has the chops to empower our clients to achieve their goals.

Eva Vostrel
Executive Chef

Eva is a Certified Chef de Cuisine with 24 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Having travelled, trained, and worked worldwide, she brings European influences with a fusion flair into her cooking. Her passion lies in creating fresh, healthy, local and seasonal meals that help people achieve and maintain a clean eating lifestyle. Chef Eva runs, manages and mentors our talented kitchen team, bringing a positive attitude and professional approach to everything she touches.

Benny Doro

Benny brings his 20 years plus on Wall Street and his love for the foodservice industry as CEO and Director. Being a restaurant owner and successful entrepreneur, his passion for EYC's mandate of bringing fresh healthy prepared meals to people is what drives his involvement. Benny has been brought in to craft and groom EYC for growth nationally and sees EYC as a household brand name people will associate with holistic and healthy prepared meal delivery.

Ana Carolina Silveira
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Ana is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and is passionate about making nutrition accessible by bringing clients back to basics with real food. She believes that listening to your body and having proper nutrition is a key component in living a happier, healthier and longer life.  Ana is also a chef specialized in vegetarian and vegan cuisine and loves to share recipes and tips and tricks to make delicious, healthy and easy meals.