Although there is no official definition, the word superfood generally refers to the food items that contain incredible amounts of vitamins and minerals within a minimal serving. These foods serve as an amazing source of antioxidants, helping to reverse cell damage and prevent disease within the body. While it is very useful to familiarise yourself with the more commonly used foods that provide nutrients, it is also worth being aware of the more exotic outliers that provide profound healing within the body. While this isn’t an exclusive selection, we have listed a selection of thirteen more traditional nutrient-dense foods as well as some more unique items that may not already be a part of your diet. By regularly including these foods into our meals here at Eat Your Cake, we rest assured that we are optimising our clients' health.


Black Bean Mole Tacos

Avocados are high on the clean 15 list which means that they are low in pesticides contamination. They include B vitamins, vitamin E, potassium, protein, fiber and are beneficial to our health in a range of ways. They assist in lowering stress, help keep us fuller for longer, reduce inflammation and prevent sugar cravings. Despite being high in calories due to their high-fat content, in moderation the benefits are plentiful, including:

Assistance with healthy blood circulation

Lowered blood pressure and hypertension

Increased cognitive functioning

Reduction of cholesterol due to monounsaturated fats

Lowered risk of cancer due to phytochemicals




Salted peanut butter bar with coconut flour, coconut milk and coconut oil (left), coconut-rice chicken stirfry (right)

Coconut is high on the list as one of the best quality sources of essential fatty acids. Due to its many different digestible forms, it is easy to incorporate this superfood into all kinds of dishes, whether sweet and savory. We use coconut in many of our dishes to give the meal the added nutritional benefit. We also use coconut sugar to sweeten our desserts as it is low on the glycemic index and therefore not going to spike your blood sugar levels like other sweeteners. Coconut is also a natural hormone booster and is easily turned into energy by the body. Whether it's in the form of unsweetened shreds, butter, flour, flour or oil - there are many benefits to be gained includingm (but not limited to),

Increased immunity due to it's antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

Increased energy and physical/athletic performance

Improvement of digestion & absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals

Improved heart health

Supported thyroid function

Promotion of weight loss



Acai Power Bowl (left), Spiced Pumpkin Acai Bowl (right)

This exotic berry found in the Amazon has blown up over the last couple of years and earned itself a name often associated with anti-aging and weight-loss. The fruit is typically sold frozen or in powder form, so we recommend buying the unsweetened version and adding them to your smoothie or breakfast bowl to avoid excess sugar. Although it is not as easy to find this ingredient as some others on this list, it is well worth sourcing it to reap the benefits including:

Promotion of heart health

Aided weight loss

Promotion of skin health

Improvement of cellular health

Boosted energy

Improvement of mental function



Cacao-Smoked Chicken Breast (left), selection of cacao-based snacks (right)

Also originating in the Amazon, we have delicious cacao. The ground bean is full of antioxidants, is the best plant-based source of protein and provides an enormous amount of iron and fiber in a small serving. The superfood is a health-conscious foodies dream with less than 15 calories per tablespoon. Just make sure you choose the raw or non-alkalized version which obtains the antioxidants and avoid the 'dutch' or 'alkalized' forms. There are countless ways to use the ingredient in everyday meals. We incorporate Cacao into both sweet and savory dishes and add them to smoothies for that natural energy boost and rich taste. Some benefits of consuming cacao:

Less sugar cravings

Balancing of hormones

Promotion heart and brain health with high magnesium levels

Natural mood elevation and prevention from depression



Sushi Bowls (left), Chef salad with Nori (right)

Sea-grown vegetables are more dense in nutrients than land vegetables and are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Seaweed, in particular, is full of calcium and magnesium, iron, potassium, iodine, and zinc so has not surprisingly been long used as a remedy for a variety of ailments. A good way of incorporating seaweed into your diet is taking some nori and sprinkling it on top of your meal. Seaweed may be very high in nutrients but it has next to no calories with as few as 30 per serving. The benefits of seaweed include:

Slow digestion that releases energy over time

Prevention of high blood pressure

Detoxification properties that fight cancer

Regulation of hormones


Chia Seeds

Chia Seed Pudding (left), Chocolate Chia Pudding Snack (right)

Chia seeds are packed with magnesium, potassium, fiber, and calcium. They are a great plant-based alternative to fish which ensure the proper omega-3 fatty acid intake. They deliver a massive amount of nutrients with minimal calories and are very easily incorporated into your diet. Make a superfood collaboration by combining them with coconut milk and cacao in a delicious chocolatey chia seed pudding! Some of chia seeds many benefits include:

Promotion of weight loss

Lowered risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes

Improvement of exercise performance


Hemp Seeds

Fruit Salad (left), Chia seed pudding (right)

Similarly to chia seeds, hemp seeds contain a high amount of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and potassium. Due to their bland taste, they can easily be added to any dish whether it be a porridge, salad, soup, pilaf or dessert. The seed contains all nine essential amino acids, contributing significantly to brain health. Some additional benefits include:

Relief of arthritis and joint pain

Aiding of digestive health due to high amount of fiber

Improvement of hair, skin and nail health

Improvement of immune system and heart health


Nutritional Yeast

Ratatouille (left), Vegan Macaroni Cheese (right)

Nutritional yeast is made from deactivated yeast and is an incredible source of protein and fiber. It is one of the only plant-based sources of vitamin B12 which is crucial in maintaining brain and nervous system function. It has a delicious cheesy taste which makes it a great addition to savory pizza, pasta, salad, and soups - especially for our vegan or lactose-intolerant friends! Some extra benefits of nutritional yeast include:

Antiviral properties

Anti-inflammatory properties

Relief for stomach upset

Reduced osteoarthritis pain



Kits Beach Quinoa Salad (left), Moroccan Meatloaf (right)

Quinoa is one of the more commonly known superfoods that definitely deserves a spot on the list with its essential amino acids and high protein content. It is a perfect filling accompaniment to a meal for those who are intolerant to gluten. The grain is also low-glycemic and full of antioxidants. Some extra benefits of quinoa include:

Supports muscle metabolism

Supports weight loss

Contains anti-inflammatory properties

Improves digestion

Prevents kidney stones



Mexican Burger with a Yam Bun (left), Buddha bowl (right)

Another more familiar, yet worth mentioning superfood includes yams. Not only do these delicious veggies fill you up, they also satisfy your sweet tooth, are packed with Vitamin A and C and are incredibly easy to digest. You can easily incorporate yams into all types of sweet or savory meal types. We like to use them as a starch to accompany protein, bake them into our snacks and use them for our paleo and gluten-free clients. Some additional benefits include:

Boosts immune system with essential vitamins and minerals

Treats inflammation due to beta-carotene, vitamin C, and magnesium

Relieves asthma through aromatic properties

Prevents dehydration with high fiber content

More efficient brain and nerve functions



Kaffir Lime Porridge (left), Peanut Butter & Chia JamSandwichh (middle), Lima Bean Balls (right)

Oats may sound like an everyday ingredient but they should not be overlooked in terms of their positive impact on our health. Oats are loaded fiber, antioxidants, and tons of other nutrients and have been shown to help lower cholesterol levels, aid in digestion, and even improve metabolism. Not to mention that they are incredibly delicious and not limited to breakfast items. They make a great addition to snacks as well as meals like lasagne and savory cobbler (see our menu). They are a great option for those looking for high nutrients per calories and cost. Oats are one of the best grains to choose if you’re looking for the most nutrients per calories and per cost. Some benefits of oats include:

Prevents cardiovascular disease with dietary fiber and antioxidants

Prevents constipation with fiber content

Protects skin by normalizing pH

Enhances immune response to disease



Apple & Beet Salad (left), Polenta Pizza with Beet Sauce (middle), Savoury & Sweet Beetroot Snack Selection (right)

As hinted by their vibrant color, beets are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are very low in calories and contain no cholesterol, however, they have a high sugar content for a vegetable so should be eaten in moderation. There are countless ways that you can incorporate this superfood into your diet..take it as an opportunity to get creative! Think salads, soups, sauces, desserts, smoothies..the world is your oyster! Some benefits of beetroot include:

Improvement of liver health with the high level of betaines

Natural aphrodisiac due to mineral, boron which increases sexual hormones

Boosts energy levels due to high carbohydrate levels

Prevention of strokes due to high potassium



Lentils and Cod (left), Lentil Burger (right)

Last but not least lentils are another more mainstream superfood, which are cheap, easily prepared, packed with protein and many other essential nutrients. The energy received from lentils does not spike blood sugar level, which makes it a great slow-burning form of starch. Some benefits of the superfood include:

Reduction in the risk of heart disease

Lowered cholesterol levels

Stabilisation of blood sugar levels

Increased energy from lean proteins

Assistance with weight loss


Incorporating as many of these superfoods into your daily meals will drastically improve your health on many different levels. Whether you would like to lose some weight, reverse disease or just feel more energized and vibrant, these foods will give your body the nutrition it needs to thrive.

It’s official! The summer is over and we are now in the beautiful season of fall. It is undeniable that the change in season can bring a change in lifestyle and different requirements to stay healthy and happy. To help support you with these changes we have put together 10 Autumn health tips to keep you feeling your best. This new season brings a fresh start to new and healthy habits. Here are our top 10 tips for the season.

1. Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables.

It’s harvest season! Head to your local farmers market and you will see the abundance of in-season fruits and vegetables. Apples, artichoke, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, corn, cranberries, cucumber, fennel, garlic, kale, leek, onions, parsnip, potatoes, pumpkin, radish, spinach, squash, turnips and zucchini are all great options for the Western BC area.

These seasonal items are not only cheaper and more accessible, but they are also jam-packed with immune boosting nutrients. Pumpkins are rich in vitamin A and can be eaten in a variety of ways. We like to sneak them into our smoothies and snacks! Sweet potatoes will give you a boost in potassium and brussels sprouts will top up your vitamin C. Plenty of other fall foods will offer your body exactly what it needs during this transition.


2. Get some sun…or a Vitamin D supplement.

Spending time outside allows your body to produce Vitamin D which is very important for many functions in our body as well as being a natural mood booster!

With that being said we do live on the West Coast and the term ‘Raincouver’ didn’t come out of thin air! Taking a Vitamin D supplement may be necessary and is a great way to boost your mood and immune system!


3. Get the right amount of sleep.

Quality sleep is a crucial element of maintaing good health. During sleep, our bodies rest, restore and detoxify. When we are deprived of sleep, we are a lot more vulnerable to different health issues including mental fatigue, inflammation and chronic disease. 

Get to bed earlier when you can. Longer periods of darkness = longer periods of sleep! In saying that it can also be easy to oversleep so make sure you are aiming for 6-9 hours per night, depending on your own needs. Make it a priority and you’ll thank yourself in the morning when you feel energised and optimistic about the day ahead!


4. Stay active!

Although it’s mighty tempting to lounge around inside during the fall, incorporating some movement into your day will do a world of wonders for your physical and mental health. Get out for a walk first thing in the morning and enjoy the crisp air and beautiful fall colours. Try something new! Maybe a hot yoga class or a specialised gym class. A lot of fitness centres offer great trial deals - see what’s available in your area to test out a new form of movement. Making small adjustments like switching to a standing desk or going for a walk with a friend rather than meeting up at a coffee shop counts in the long run.


5. Dress in layers to stay warm.

Wearing layers and protecting your body is very important as the temperature drops. The sensation of leaving a warm building to the cold outdoors can be quite a shock for the body and the immune system. By ensuring you are always warm you will avoid getting sick.


6. Boost your immune system.

Simple habits like washing your hands often and eating nutrient-dense foods will keep your immune system functioning at it’s best.

Drinking a lot of fluids to stay hydrated is very important. Whilst it is easier during the summer it often becomes an afterthought to drink more water during the fall. Staying hydrated will ensure that you are in a state to fight any illness off. Especially during the season when the air becomes dry and cool, our bodies often respond by drying out. A cup of your favourite tea is another good way of keeping your fluid intake up.


Do some “autumn cleaning”.

Organise the storage room, clean out your closet and minimise all of the accumulated ‘stuff’ in your life. Simplifying our lives on a physical level enables us to gain more mental clarity. Donate some old belongings for a good cause or gift them to someone in the community who could genuinely benefit from them. It's a win-win!


7. Keep a schedule. 

Maintaining a routine can help keep you on track throughout the colder months. Give yourself a bed-time and plan your week ahead with ready-made lunches (or save some time and have us deliver your meals for the week wink). Maintaning some structure will keep you motivated and feeling good rather than isolating yourself.


8. Eat mindfully.

It’s Thanksgiving season which brings a tendency to overindulge and disregard what we are putting into our bodies. By eating mindfully we can fully enjoy all of the delicious foods, whilst also not over-doing it and putting on some extra weight. Savouring each bite will enable you to hear the signal from your body when you have had enough. 


9. Keep the candy cravings in check.

Fall is also the season of Halloween which means that we will be exposed to a lot of tempting candies. Eating some sweets in moderation is very different to demolishing a whole pile of them. When consumed in mass they will spike your insulin levels leaving you feeling sick and lethargic. If you like to participate and hand out candy then buy a selection that you don’t have a weakness for (like liquorice…unless you are one of those people who actually enjoy liquorice).This will make it a lot easier to resist!

Swap that coffee shop pumpkin spice latte loaded with sugar syrup for our healthy vegan alternative.

1 cup coffee

2 tbs pumpkin puree

2 tbs coconut milk

½ tsp vanilla extract

¼ tsp pumpkin pie spice

2-3 tsp maple syrup

Optional toppings- coconut whipped cream, ground cinnamon



Add ingredients to a saucepan on the stove. Mix and heat to desired warmth.

Pour into mug and top with whipped cream and/or cinnamon.


10. Be kind to yourself!

Despite being a beautiful season, the fall can occasionally also bring low energy, weight gain or sickness. Stay in tune with your body and try your best to give it what it is asking for. Don’t judge yourself for not sticking to your ideal workout schedule or healthy eating. Just do the best you can in each moment. 

The season is a great opportunity to slow down and take some time for yourself. Take out your journal or your favourite book or take a mindful walk in nature. Stop the smell a flower and listen to the sounds of the birds. Taking attention away from our busy minds and enjoying the moment will leave us feeling peaceful which is ultimately the best thing for our overall health and wellbeing. Take some time to reflect on the experiences you’ve had during the year so far and get clear about the direction you would like to take moving forward.



We all have so much going on in our lives, and to get the most out of our day we need to properly fuel our bodies with the right nutrients and whole foods. In some cases, because we are so busy, healthy eating can become an afterthought. This means that "convenient", less healthy options are more likely to make their way into our fridge. 

We want to make sure you get the most out of your day by giving you the healthy fuel you require. Let us optimise your health so you can handle anything that life throws your way!



At Eat Your Cake we provide food for everyone, regardless of what your circumstances may look like.


Moms & Moms-to-be

Nutrition plays a vital role during the different stages of having a baby. If falling pregnant is proving difficult, cutting back to a healthy weight or controlling your hormones could be the answer. 

Once you are pregnant, eating healthy foods is more important than ever. The food you are eating is the main source of nutrients for your baby which means your meals need to contain enough calories as well as the proper amount of protein, iron and calcium. Most foods are safe for pregnant women and their babies but there are some that need to be avoided.

Losing baby weight can also be fairly difficult, especially with all of the time now being devoted to the little one.

Here at EYC, our plans offer nutrient-dense meals designed by a nutritionist. Whether you need to lose some weight, balance your hormones, generally improve your diet or avoid certain foods in order to create the best possible atmosphere for your baby, we are here to support you! We offer optional complimentary nutritional consultations in which we design a meal plan that meet all of the necessary requirements. This way all unnecessary stress is taken away, enabling you to sit back and fully enjoy your experience of giving birth!

After you have delivered your healthy baby and lost the extra weight we also have a baby food line, Baby Cakes which offers delicious, healthy purees, perfectly designed for your developing baby. Our Family Dinners could also be a great option to assist your new lifestyle. 


Those With a Lot on Their Plate (and we’re not talking about tasty food)

Whether you are studying full-time, working a demanding job or looking after a family, time is valuable. By eliminating the process of recipe-hunting, grocery-shopping, cooking and cleaning you are also eliminating a whole lot of unnecessary stress!

Having convenient meals waiting for you each day means that you can divert all of your attention to the things that matter most and free up a lot more time to relax at the end of an action-packed day of work or study.


Eat Your Cake also offers corporate office catering which saves valuable time whilst improving your health and efficiency at work by having healthy, delicious meals and snacks delivered to your office daily. 

Would you like to arrange a VIP lunch event? We offer our elegant dining space (capacity of 16 persons) free of charge when booked with a catering package. Sit back and collaborate or celebrate with coworkers whilst we serve a delicious multi-course lunch. Have a certain style of food in mind? Perfect! We can customise a menu to suit your preferences.



Lifestyle changes

Weight loss

Many of our current clients have had great success with their weight loss goals. Having pre-portioned, healthy and balanced meals to choose from makes it easy to avoid over-indulging and resorting to convenient and unhealthy options.

Working towards a special milestone

Perhaps you have a special event like a wedding, reunion or marathon coming up. A meal plan that is designed around your intention to lose weight, detoxify and brighten your complexion, build cardio and muscular strength will offer the nutritional support you need.


Athletic support 

If you live a very active lifestyle and require food that gives you that extra stamina to get you through your work-outs we have a different size of meal suited especially for your needs. Our athletic proportion provides the extra energy and will keep you full and energised whilst you are active throughout the day.

Diet Prescription

We can easily accommodate any individuals who have been recommended a particular diet by their doctor or nutritionist. Whether you are recommended to change your diet or would simply like to transition to paleo, gluten-free, vegan, ketogenic, low-carb, low-salt or another variation - we can design a meal plan around these restrictions.


Assistance with Chronic Disease


Obesity can, in some cases, be the result of high energy in the diet (excess calories whether from sugar, starches or fat. Sometimes taking simple goals to concrete action requires major environmental changes. When we make these big adjustments in our lives, support can often be the missing ingredient. We will keep you on track and hold you accountable on your journey.

Diabetes & Cardiovascular Diseases

By maintaining a healthy weight and optimising your diet, the risk of diabetes is significantly reduced. Cardiovascular diseases are primarily due to bad diet and physical inactivity. Risk of their main forms, heart disease and stroke, is reduced by eating less saturated and trans fats, less salt and incorporating more fruits and vegetables. All of our meals are consciously designed to meet these standards. Fruit and vegetables are staples here at Eat Your Cake!


Maintaining a healthy weight will reduce the risk for several types of cancer. According to the World Health Organisation, ensuring an adequate intake of fruit and vegetables reduces the risk for oral cavity, oesophagus, stomach and colorectal cancer. 

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalances can be treated effectively with dietary adjustments. Simple steps such as eating enough protein, avoiding refined carbs and sugars, incorporating healthy fats, managing stress and avoiding overeating and under-eating can help to level your hormones. At EYC we like to incorporate healthy fats like coconut oil, nuts and avocado. We also ensure that all of the portions are consistent so that insulin levels are not spiked. You will likely not overeat or undereat when you have pre-packaged meals available.



We understand that everyone has different lifestyles, which is why we have designed a service that is flexible as possible.

Our Additional Offerings

Retail Store

A great option for those who would like to try our food before committing to a membership. Some great grab and go meals to pick up on your way to work.


Weekly Consultations

To keep you motivated and on track when it matters most.


Delicious Snacks and Desserts

For those who don't want to feel like they're dieting but want to stay healthy.



We have partnered up with VIP Fitness to offer exclusive discounts for our clients who want to make big changes to their health, body and life! Although eating the right food may be a big part of the equation, the power of physical activity is undeniable when it comes to reaching those bigger, life-changing goals.


Regardless of what stage of life you are in and what your schedule looks like, we are here to help make your life as pain-free, healthy and happy as possible! Visit us at our Retail Store or email to discuss membership options.