The Health Benefits of Spices and Herbs

April 20, 2016

Somewhere around 5000 years ago, an intelligent bunch of people discovered that certain herbs and spices can help our body function more efficiently and also help protect against certain diseases. However, after so many years we seem to have lost track of these herbs and the knowledge. We hope that this article would help you understand how simple herbs and spices available in our houses are helpful in various ways. 

A very common spice in your food daily, but not many would know that this can be used for treatment of diarrhea, common cold, vomiting, infections and many more. Also if one is suffering from high blood sugar, then cinnamon can surely be of help to them in reducing the same. Some also claim that it has a positive effect on the diabetic patients, however strong medical evidence of the same is yet to be established.

Well, not many people know about turmeric being one of the best antibiotics that can be thought of. Turmeric is one of the most effective ingredients when it comes to Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The benefits of this particular spice are beyond imagination. Diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cystic Fibrosis and many others can also be curbed with this. Turmeric has proved to help people gain immunity against cancer as well.

Garlic has found immense importance in the medical field, be it common cold or blood pressure. The risks of one having a cardiac arrest or any cardiac problems are also reduced by regular intake of garlic. Alzheimer’s disease, chronic disease and Dementia can also be prevented and cured by consuming garlic in your diet.

Mint helps you get relief from nausea, head ache, and indigestion. Not only in the edible form, but it is helpful in other forms as well. Mint oil when applied is really helpful in certain cases. Respirator disorders and cough and cold can also be won over with the help of mint.

Are you experiencing a swelling or an inflammation on any of your body parts? Then here is your relief, basil would help you get relief in as fast as 24 hours. If you want to look young, then basil is the perfect anti aging agent for you. Furthermore, it is a great source of antioxidants.

Rich in copper, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and few other important minerals for the body, fenugreek seeds are famous for their medicinal properties. A diabetic patient must try to consume as much Fenugreek as they can. Painful menstrual cramps can also be eased with this spice. Preventing and fighting against male infertility, high cholesterol, weight loss and heat burns are some of the other advantages of the spice.

This nutrient dense spice is nowhere behind the ones mentioned above when it comes to nutritional value and the medicinal uses of the same. The uses of the spices are in the form of an active anti oxidant. This has also been one of the most effective home remedy for anti-bacterial product.

Coriander seeds
The next time you bite onto some of the coriander seeds be sure that you have consumed a whole lot of nutrition. The advantages of this spice are that it helps reduce blood sugar, prevents cancer and also has various neuro-protective benefits.

When an ingredient alone helps improve digestion, enhance concentration and memory, prevents cancer and brain aging, you would probably know that it is rosemary that one is talking about. The varied effects of the product make it one of the most diverse ingredients.

Belonging to the Apiaceae family, Aniseed is one of the most beneficial products of the P. anisum species. Aniseed acts as an anti-epileptic, anti rheumatic, anti-hysteric, aperients and many more. 

Suffering from high blood sugar levels? Well here is thyme to help you out. Be it common cold or cough or increased blood sugar level, thyme offers relief in all these conditions. Thyme can be used to boost immunity, act as a disinfectant, and helps to get rid of pests. 

A fragrant, warm ingredient used in many Holiday-inspired dishes, this helps in better digestion, has chemo preventive properties, liver protection and many more. Diabetes control and boost to the immune system are some of the other important medicinal properties of clove.

Cumin helps in digestion, fights against piles, helps you ease off the respiratory disorders and also makes sure that you are well protected against common cold. Consume cumin regularly and keep these problems at bay. 

Well known for its medicinal properties and nutritional benefits, parsley is a great herb. Rheumatoid Arthritis is also controlled with the help of this herb. It has anti inflammatory properties and helps to strengthen the immune system. Parsley has also proved to be beneficial for Osteoporosis and Diuretic effects. 

Ginger root is well known for the medicinal properties. It can be used in different forms. Ginger prevents food poisoning, eliminates the chances of nausea and vomiting and malaria. If you are suffering from acute respiratory problems, then intake of ginger would be a good option. The root looks after one's kidney and stomach. The hair oil is also something worth mentioning which helps take good care of your hair.

Here, we have discussed about some of the most well known spices and herbs that help us to lead the best life that we people can ask for. We would expect every reader to help themselves out with these herbs and spices when in need, while discovering new, delicious ways to add these into your everyday diet!

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