We're expecting....

August 22, 2016
Eat Your Cake

Coming soon... Eat Your Cake's own line of organic baby and toddler meals!

We all want to give our little one's the best possible start in life. It's so unfortunate that many of the "baby" foods sold in stores are full of sugar, chemicals, and other ingredients that have no business being there.  Being a parent is already stressful enough: having to worry about feeding your precious one healthy, wholesome real foods shouldn't add to it.

We're expecting the perfect solution very soon...  a sampler of delicious, healthy, and well-balanced  baby purees, and toddler friendly meals and snacks, that can be delivered each week along with your own healthy meal program. All tested rigorously of course, by our youngest (8 month old) taste-tester.

Please contact us to get in on more details about when BabyCakes will be launched!

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