"Diet": a Four Letter Word we need to stop using!

November 13, 2016

Do Diets Really Work?

Dwell on the problem and what do we receive?  More of what we're dwelling on.  In other words, when focusing the mind on – “I must lose weight for…” or “I have to lose weight because…”  Most often this results in receiving the complete opposite, for many people.  There usually tends to be weight gain as oppose to weight loss.  And yes, maybe the selected diet does work – as long as it’s followed, religiously.

But is all the deprivation, starvation, stress and discipline really worth it? Never! Focus on feeling good!  Eat what feels good.  Eat what feels good to the system.  Eat what provides more brain power, increased levels of energy, natural endorphins.  

Increased vitality translates to natural weight loss.  

When we gain weight or are unable to lose the excess, it’s because we are stubbornly holding onto that which we fear: we are focused on the struggle.  By doing this it can take years to lose five or ten pounds.

If it doesn’t feel good, just stop doing it.  Plain and simple.  Don’t like going to the gym?  Choose a different activity, one that can be appreciated and enjoyed.

When we switch our way of looking at the situation, when we do more of what feels good and what makes us happy - all that we don’t want or whatever no longer serves us, tends to naturally fall away.  As that which does not serve, falls away, we make room for more of what it is we do want.  

We can focus on letting go of the struggle, thus continuing to stay stuck.


We can focus on embracing those feelings that are felt when we: put on a new pair of jeans, wear clothes that fit better, climb that mountain we thought we’d never climb, become daily joggers or a professional athlete.  When we can embrace the solution, we achieve those dreams faster and receive results which are much more concrete and better suited to our personal desires.

The fall weather is soon to arrive.  This translates to the body - hoarding more weight for warmth.  For many families, there is an increase of baked goods for winter as people prepare for the holiday season.  Let’s face it, we all eat more snack foods when it cools off outside.  
Hey, who says we can’t sneak an extra cookie or eat warm comfort foods?  If every food entry is being monitored by a diet - to focus on weight loss… eating cookies, probably aren’t part of the equation.  

Yet, when approaching things differently, when being focused on how amazing one feels after that delicious salad creation or autumn soup cleanser concoction, then – there is no shame or guilt felt when eating a couple of chocolate chip cookies, for example.  
When we feel good about ourselves and that which we choose to put into our bodies, we make better choices.  We make decisions to eat cookies with oats and almonds and cranberries vs sugar cookies.  When we make banana breads, we choose to add a zucchini or select a healthier flour type.  We naturally take care of ourselves, when we live in the solution, when we feel good.  We embrace the lifestyle which most resonates with our spirits and our ways of thinking.  

If we are focused on a mentality of having to lose ten pounds a month or else… do the math..  It’s really not that hard to figure out.  Granted, we may not always see this solution for ourselves, this is true.  Although, the answers become quite clear to us, when we see loved ones go through struggles.    

Let’s stop the struggles, switch it up, and focus on embracing the amazingness that exists in each of us.

We naturally hang on to what we fear letting go of – weight included.  What would happen if we let go of the excess weight or the weight that holds us back?

Let’s explore this for a minute:

We feel lighter
We stand taller
We gain confidence
We wear clothes that fit better
We try new things
We enjoy new experiences
We find more energy
We feel younger
We encourage others
We focus on accomplishing more goals.

Moral of the story? Stop dieting,  and start living a healthy lifestyle (which includes a healthy diet!) You'll see- not only will you reach your goals, but you'll be able to sustain them without adding any extra stress on yourself and feel amazing. After all, isn't that what becoming healthy is all about?

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