December Promotion

November 27, 2017

Have you let the Holiday season get the best of you? Maybe you over-indulged at Thanksgiving (or in general!) and let some unhealthy habits creep in. Or perhaps work is your number one focus and your health has fallen by the wayside. Regardless of how you may have fallen off track, we are here to support you! This limited-time offer will give you a head start on your New Year’s resolution AND your money back when you reach your goal! All you have to do is...


Sign up for any Weight loss Program between November 28th- December 31st, and get

20% of your money back after reaching your goal weight,


30% off towards any ongoing meal plan

to help maintain and rock the new, healthy you!

Commit to your health and book your first consultation here to start losing those pounds!


*Promotion Rules:

Participant must book an initial consultation with our Nutrition team to go over their weight loss goals and take initial weight measurements.

Participant must have a minimum goal of 20lbs to lose.

If weight loss goal is 20-45lbs, this must be achieved within a 3 month period. Weight loss goals over 45lbs must be achieved within 6 months to be eligible for the refund/ongoing discount.

Weightloss goals must be deemed appropriate by our nutrition team according to BMI (it must be an amount that would ensure the participant would end up within their healthy weight range). Clients with over 75lbs to lose may be eligible to increase the time limit to 9 months to encourage a healthy, sustainable rate of weight loss.

Monthly consultations and weigh-ins with our nutrition team at our location are mandatory.

20% payback is calculated from the amount the participant spent on the program until the week they reach their goal weight.





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