How to Have Guaranteed Success With Your New Years Resolution

December 28, 2017

Does the phrase New Year’s resolution excite or bore you? Some of us enter the New Year with several ideas about how it will unfold and even end up following through on them. For other’s, their willpower and energy are simply tested too much which leads to falling back into old habits and even feeling guilty for their lack of commitment. 

It seems that every year more people are giving up resolutions to save themselves the struggle and sometimes this inevitable feeling of failure.

Yet, the concept behind making these commitments is a powerful one. It is an opportunity to evaluate different areas of our lives and make positive changes. We can so easily get caught up in the future plans that stopping to reflect upon aspects of our lives in need of improvement can become an afterthought. In this way, making some resolutions can actually be a very powerful means of ensuring the year ahead will unfold in the best way possible. Yet, it is worth considering how we can make our resolutions achievable and not just a temporary pursuit.

Below we have listed several tips to ensure your success in reaching your goals and making 2018 your most vibrant year yet!

Only choose resolutions that you’ll enjoy 

It is important to create resolutions that you actually want to do. The key here is asking yourself what you would feel excited about implementing. That way it won’t end up feeling like a chore even on the rainy days when your willpower is being tested.

For example, working out every day could be a great resolution if you feel excited about the way you would be doing so. Rather than needing it to look a certain way (like battling it out in the gym every day), giving yourself the lenience to choose your own adventure. That way it could be dancing for 20 minutes one day and going for a walk with a loved one the next day, and you would be maintaining the intention of joy whilst also staying true to your commitment.


Start small 

It is important to take the pressure off ourselves if we want to be successful with these intentions. We can’t expect that after a week of trying something out we should automatically be pros. This just isn’t how it works. 

If your resolution is to learn a new language it is a little unreasonable to expect that you will be fluent in Spanish after three weeks of Duolingo lessons. Yet, if by the time your trip to Mexico comes around in November you can hold a casual conversation with locals, then you have still fulfilled your commitment. Rome wasn't built in a day, folks!


Celebrate along the way 

Make sure that you recognize the work that you put in and the progress you have made - even if it seems minimal at first. This will encourage more progress and reinforce the original intention to have fun with your resolutions. Working hard and changing a part of your life is something to be proud of.

If your resolution is to explore and travel more, give yourself some credit for that day-trip out into nature you took on the weekend. If you committed to daily acts of kindness, recognize all of the generous things you do, even if it’s as ‘ordinary’ as cooking for loved ones or holding a door open for someone.


Stay on track when things don’t go as planned 

Even in the case that you are enjoying and celebrating your resolutions, there will always be inevitable circumstances that are out of your control. Or perhaps there is a brownie at a dinner party that you simply can’t resist!

An ‘all or nothing’ attitude is not going to assist you in your long-term success. Whether it takes the form of missing a week of learning or a couple of weeks of exercising, it does not mean you can’t begin again when your circumstances allow for it.

Yes, it is possible that starting back up will feel difficult at first as you push through the initial resistance, but soon enough it will become a joy again. Try to remind yourself how good you were feeling when you were on track to rebuild momentum in the right direction. Setting an official date for when you will start again can serve as a driving force.


Accept a helping hand 

While you’re progressing with your resolutions we are here to support you! Our ready-made, nourishing meals are designed to ensure the ultimate convenience (so you have more time and energy every day to dedicate to your new healthy habits). 

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Happy Holidays everyone! We are wishing you all health and happiness for the New Year.


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