10 Fun Ways to be Active on a Rainy Day in Vancouver (without going to the gym)

January 29, 2018

Ahh, Vancouver. An amazing place to live and full of beauty and nature, but it definitely can put a damper on normal routine when the famous rain starts rolling in. This city is known as having the most active and healthy population in Canada, so there's definitely no reason to let the wet stuff put a damper on getting some exercise in. Here's 10 effective and fun ways to get a great workout, without having to use an umbrella or hit the gym.



1.  Indoor Climbing Center

Strap yourself up and work on your upper body strength with this exciting and increasingly popular activity. There's centers available all around the city and available for anyone, novice to Mount Everest Sherpas-in-training.



2. Window Shopping

Shopping inside a large mall (Pacific Center, Coquitlam Center, Metrotown, etc) is a great way to get your cardio in on a rainy day! Not to mention can be a good arm workout if you end up with some heavy shopping bags. Do a few laps around the mall (just steer clear of the food court!) and you'll easily clock in a few good miles before you know it!


3.  Indoor Pools and Skating Rinks

Do some laps in an indoor pool, or grab a friend and try out your balance on one of the many skating rinks available around town. Try Richmond Oval for a one-stop location that has skating, swimming, batting cages, and lots more to keep you busy and sweating all day!


4.  Take a Hike!

Embrace the less-than-perfect weather and brave the beautiful outdoors that Vancouver is so well known for. With so many amazing hiking trails around town, a rainy day may be a great way to go find some solitude and take in the sights and smells of a quiet, rainy forest. Depending on the time of year you go, you might be able to hike up high enough to escape the rain and hit some snow! Our favorite hiking spot: Mount Fromme in North Vancouver... it has enough trails and paths to keep the adventure going for hours! Plus for some extra fun, bring your mountain bike as the trails are full of challenging terrain and obstacles made especially for bikers.


5.  Go Dancing!

Grab your dancing shoes and go get sweaty in some of the fun venues around town to shake that booty. Sign up for some structured dancing classes (salsa, flamenco, belly, swing, and even pole-dancing!) Many are on a drop-in basis, which is perfect for a spontaneous rainy-day date. Or wait until the sun goes down and hit the dancefloor at one of Vancouver's nightclubs: definitely a fun way to get some cardio in! (Just make sure you're not relying too much on liquid courage to get your moves more advanced than the head-bob shuffle)


6. Indoor Horse Back Riding

Equestrian centers around Vancouver are a bit of a well-kept secret. But there's definitely some great covered and indoor stables that offer lessons so you can saddle up and get an amazing leg workout! Try your hand at dressage, jumping, or even a peaceful trail ride to get you in tune with nature (and feel those butt muscles you may have never even known were there!) Some great Equestrian centers with indoor riding are: Laura Lynn Equestrian Center, North Shore Equestrian Center, Unicorn Stables in Burnaby, or go check out beautiful Southlands in South Vancouver for a country experience just minutes from the city.



7. Extreme Air Park

An adult version of a giant bouncy-castle, Extreme Air in Richmond is Canada's largest indoor trampoline park and offers a fun way to be active and let out some steam by stomping and bouncing around! Try indoor gymnastics, zero-gravity basketball, or catch some major air in one of their huge soft foam pits.



8. Indoor Sand Volleyball

If you're longing for summer beach days, definitely give this activity a try. Indoor sand courts such as  6Pack Indoor Beach, make it possible to get some sand in your shorts. Go for a drop-in with some pals, or sign up for one of the leagues that runs year-round.



9.  Video Games

You can work up a sweat while having a blast and not even having to get out of your pajamas! There's so many great sports games available now for whatever game console you may have, such as Zumba, Wii Fit, or Dance Dance Revolution, that are designed to get you sweating while also helping with hand-eye coordination. If you have young kids around, ask them to play with you since most likely it will up the competition significantly!



10. Take a Class!


If gyms aren't your thing, there's plenty of great, fun classes to join all over the lower mainland. Whether it's something that's always been on your bucketlist, or maybe something you'd never heard of, why not try something new to get you sweating and maybe make some friends while you're at it! Zumba, martial arts, ballroomo dancing, crossfit, self-defence, lawnbowling, yoga, kickboxing, fencing, gymnastics, swimming, even agility classes with your dog! Take a look at local businesses offering new and unique classes, or your local rec center is always a great source.


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