Preparing a Healthy Dinner At Home vs. A Meal Delivery Plan: A Cost Breakdown

June 07, 2018

Have you ever spent an hour and a half cooking a meal at home before realizing that it cost more than you would have paid to dine in your favorite restaurant? This situation is certainly not uncommon. Unless you are eating very simplistic meals with two or three average-quality ingredients, you may be spending more money by doing it yourself than you would think. Not to mention the amount of time you are losing in the process.

There are a few different factors to consider here. Firstly, we all have different living situations and grocery expenditures. Some of us are cooking for one and have leftovers for the next day, whereas others may have a whole family that they need to cook for, which requires more planning.

Let’s say that you are a working professional who is cooking for yourself only. You decide to have a Pink Peppercorn Salmon Salad for dinner. After spending half an hour deciding on a recipe and shopping for the ingredients, your receipt comes to $43.35. did that happen?


Wild Salmon  $8.79

Buckwheat $5.49

Capers $3.40

Cherry Tomatoes $2.47

Dill $1.97

Radicchio Lettuce $2.38

Maple $4.48

Pink Peppercorn $5.69

Red onion $1.20

Tahini $7.48

Total: $43.35


That’s how.


Now, there are a few things to consider here. 

First of all.. no, you won’t use the full amount of ingredients that you purchased because it's very unlikely that a whole jar of tahini will be required for a single dressing. However, you may want to ask yourself how much of these ‘extra ingredient’s’ that are not used up for the intended recipe are accumulating in your kitchen until they perish and have to be thrown away. You may have enough for an extra serving for lunch the next day, but even still, that comes to $21.68 per serve.


When you compare that cost with the average $9-14 that our plans charge per meal, it can be fairly surprising. Sure, you don’t have those extra ingredients to use for other meals, but you also aren’t wasting any food. Not to mention the time you save when some or all of your meals are ready and waiting for you come mealtime

To put this into perspective, if there are just four occasions within the span of a week when your grocery shop ends up as expensive as in the example above, you will have ended up with four meals and some leftovers for the same price as one week on our Meat-Based Plan. Only instead of the 4-8 meals you would be taking the time to prepare for yourself, that's 21 pre-made healthy meals to have for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 


An Example of a Meat Based Plan: 3 Meals Per Day: $210 Per Week or $10 Per Meal. And that INCLUDES Modifications and Nutritional Consultations if you wish to have them. Plus, we use mostly organic meats/seafood, and the highest quality, local produce.


One of our family style dinner plans catering to 3 people and accompanied by fresh salad and dessert would even be less expensive, at $40 per meal. 



Although your current grocery bill may be less expensive than the cost of a meal delivery plan, when you consider these factors, you may find that it's worth the investment. No more hours spent looking for recipes, cooking, cleaning and throwing away old food. No more eating the same meal several times in one week to use up spare ingredients. Mealtime can be effortless and exciting when it is as simple as opening the fridge and pulling out a delicious and healthy ready-made meal.

Check out our range of customizable plans here for more information.

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