Transitioning from Summer Vacation to Healthier Habits in Fall

August 10, 2018

It is Summer and you are on Vacation. The life is great, the days are long and the nights even longer. You are taking a break from the everyday boring life and nothing is holding you back. But, wait… Your health is suffering a little bit, right?

Some of the usual habits people have on “normal” days just disappear when the vacation starts. For example, instead of getting 8 hours of sleep, they would sleep 5. In their mind, they tend to think that time is invested in good memories. But those 3 hours actually mean A LOT.

And it would be great if the whole thing just stopped there. But it doesn’t.

Fast food suddenly becomes acceptable, and your best friend. This means a lot of oily, fatty food and sugars. Add some alcohol and carbonated drinks to it, and yes - you are on a way of ruining your health. Maybe you're spending lots of time on the patio, which means patio drinks, and all the appies, snacks, and inhibitions that go with them.

All the effort that is invested in that Summer body, all the hard work and determination goes down the river. We understand that having a job or going to school can be frustrating sometimes. You want to relax not only mentally, but physically as well.



Everything that we do continuously through a couple of days in a row becomes our habit. And if you do a lot of unhealthy things during your holiday, it will also become your habit. The transition to the everyday and usual life can be a shock for your nody and mind. We've listed some ideas to incorporate during the Summer to avoid your healthy lifestyle fully unravelling during the Summer months.

• Exercise – Do some easy and fun exercises, nothing too complicated. This will give your body a signal to slowly prepare for the upcoming fall season. Now that you got your summer body, it would be a pity to give it up after the holidays. Going to the cabin? Make sure to get lots of hiking in! Staying at a nice resort? Don't be a stranger to their amenities- bring your gym clothes and squeeze in a workout between siestas!


• Sleep – Now it’s time to get back to longer sleep. And sometimes sleeping can be a perfect hideaway from the daily grind. It would be even better if you can sleep more than 8 hours, to compensate for the lost hours. Even better if you can do so on a beach.


• Eat healthy – We're all for having a cheat day from time to time. But make sure you're still eating healthy at least 80% of the time, yes, even while on vacation! Fill your plate with plenty of grilled veggies and proteins, and leave out any starchy, processed carbs so you can save some room for a daily ice cream cone, S'mores, or whatever your vice may be. Swap the sugary margaritas, and stick to "cleaner" drinks (such as beer, wine, or a plain soda with some spirits). You'll feel much less of a hangover the next day with less sugar, you're welcome!



• Mindset – What we recommend is also setting up a good mindset for the period after the vacation. This is not the end, you will survive it. Great things can happen in everyday life. There will be many more vacations and even better ones. This can be a sort of motivation for you. So, move on with your life normally.


Every nice memory will stay in our hearts for a lifetime. Vacations memories are usually very memorable so it’s hard to get used to basic life afterward. You can find dreamy moments in almost every day. Don’t stress over something that’s passed. Get the best out of every situation, and ensure you're setting yourself up for a future full of good health so you can make the most of every moment. 

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