5 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

April 12, 2019
Weight Loss

There are countless weight loss tips and tricks available all over the internet. With all of that information, you’d think obesity might be at a decline. However, according to a recent study, obesity in Canada is on the rise.

The problem is this: as hard as people try to lose weight, there are still certain habits that throw a wrench in their efforts. These are unintentional habits that sabotage your most lofty weight goals in sneaky ways.

Here are some common daily mistakes that prevent you from shedding those pesky pounds.


1. You Slept In:

It gives you extra energy and leaves you feeling refreshed, so you probably believe the more sleep you get, the better it is for you. Surprisingly, too much sleeping can reset your body’s natural sleep cycle causing you some sleepless nights. Losing even a few minutes of proper shut-eye can cause ghrelin, the hunger-stimulating hormone in your body, to go into overdrive. This causes you to feel hungry even when you’re full. To regulate your appetite and prevent further weight gain, it’s necessary to maintain a consistent sleep cycle and wake up on time.


2. You Had Cereal For Breakfast:

Sometimes, when in a hurry, people just grab a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Not only is it higher in calories, but you’re also more likely to feel hungry after a short while. To lose weight, it’s important to consume proteins with each meal.

Not only does protein make you feel full so you’re less likely to nosh between meal times, but it also boosts metabolism and calorie burn by almost 35%. So if you want to lose that muffin top, ditch that bowl of cereal for a healthy morning protein shake!


3. You Were Running Late:

Sometimes when you don’t leave your house on time, it can cause stress hormones to release in your body. This creates an anxious feeling that’s a sign of inflammation, fat storage, and muscle breakdown.

Managing stress is quite important to stop those pesky pounds from hanging around your body. Try to make room for activities that you enjoy and can help you relax during the week such as yoga or hanging out with your friends for effective stress management.


4. You Had A Snack Before Your Workout:

Although fasted cardio is not ideal for everyone, according to a study, exercising in a fasted state can burn more than 20% of extra calories. This is in comparison with working out on a full tank. Exercising on an empty stomach increases fat oxidation during the workout encouraging a faster reduction of body fats. So skip that pre-workout meal and opt for a light snack if you feel you might not be able to handle a fasted cardio.


5. You Didn’t Stick To Your Meal Plan:

People who are serious about weight loss know the importance of consulting a nutrition expert for a proper diet plan to reduce weight the healthy way. A balanced meal plan provides all the necessary nutritional requirements your body has while encouraging healthy fat breakdown. Due to busy schedules and time restrictions, people are unable to follow the meal plan and end up skipping meals or opting for quick and unhealthy meal options.

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