5 Lunch Ideas for Our Pescatarian Friends

July 23, 2019

Eliminating meat from your diet can appear to be the ultimate challenge of your life but it’s really not as difficult as it seems. Most of us meat-eaters have just become used to consuming loads of chicken, beef and turkey in our everyday diet that it seems impossible to live without them.

However, if you’re looking to reduce your meat consumption (for both, health and environmental reasons) but don’t want to feel like your restricting yourself too much—just take some advice from your Pescatarian friends!

Pescatarians don’t eat any meat apart from fish. That’s usually their main source of protein but they’re really good at getting their macro nutrition from various food sources.

Today’s blog is dedicated to the Pescatarian love for tasty, healthy and quick meals that give you a complete dose of nutrition on the regular! Here are some of our favourite dishes.

1. Baked Salmon

Let’s start with something simple. Everybody loves a bit of salmon right? The fish tastes delicious in baked form, is super filling and packs lots of protein in a single serving. You can pair with vegetables of your choice or have it with a customized sauce as a post-workout meal.

2. Fish Tacos

Only eating fish as your source of meat can get boring quickly. Fish tacos are one way to switch things up and make it feel like you’re enjoying some good old comfort food—healthily of course! The best part about tacos is that there’s so much you can add to give it a personal flavour.

3. Caesar Salad and Shrimp

When it comes to quick and healthy, there’s nothing better than a Caesar salad. A dressing of your choice can liven up the taste. Add some blackened shrimp to the mix to get your stock of meat-based protein!

4. Sushi Burritos

When you can’t decide between sushi and burrito, just have both! Also known as a sushiritto, this food is incredibly filling and serves as a great option for anyone who’s hungry on the go!

5. Greek Salmon Salad

If you’re wondering how this one made it to our list of quick and easy foods then just hear us out. All the hard work is actually being done by the oven. While the salmon bakes, we kill time by chopping up some fresh veggies. We then toss everything in a bowl and enjoy the vibrant and nutritious lunch!

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