Family mealtime is such an important time to connect after a long day (and help your little one's acquire healthy habits)! Sadly many busy moms and dads don't have the time to put together a healthy dinner and can fall into the spiral of takeout, drive-thrus, or putting together premade "food" from a box- never a good choice!

Let us help put an end to that! Eat Your Cake now offers Family Style Dinner plans for 3-7 nights per week. Lots of variety and healthy options customized to your family's needs!

All Family Dinners come with a fresh salad, Main Course (meat, fish or vegetarian) and dessert! Starches and vegetables served on the side, so any picky-eaters in the family can be accommodated!

  • Pricing:

  • For Families of 3-4: $40-45 per meal
    Families of 4-5: $50-60 per meal.