How does the program work?

You can register for any of the programs online, by creating an account. Click “Sign Up” on the website, and once you’re logged in, you’ll see an “Choose Your Meal Plan” button. When you click that, a variety of membership options appear. You select the one you would like, pay for the first week, and an Intake Questionnaire form will be automatically sent to your email. Once you fill that out and send back to us, we can schedule your first delivery!

How do meals get chosen? Do I get to select everything?

2 options: Our intake forms ask some in-depth questions about your health goals, taste preferences, and will give you a chance to specify if there’s any meals you’d love to try. To make things as convenient as possible for you, we will select a variety of meals for your orders based on the answers on your form. As you try each of the meals, you can leave feedback about your favorites/dislikes, either by contacting us, or by logging into your account and leaving comments in your “feedback” section. We will always strive to provide as much variety in the meals as possible to keep things interesting! The second option, it to have a "sneak-peak" to our available menu prior to your scheduled delivery, where you can let us know exactly which meals you'd like. If you prefer to make your own selections, we will send you the available menu before each delivery date.

I only want lunch/dinner, is there a discount?

Yes, we do have customized plans available if you’re only looking for a certain amount of meals per day. You can see many of our options by viewing the memberships (“add membership”). If you are looking for something that is not currently listed, we can customize a plan for you.

How many calories in each meal?

We strongly encourage our clients to break free from the stress of calorie counting! Instead, we focus on a holistic nutritional approach which takes into account the quality of ingredients. Each of our meals and snacks are made with nutrient-dense ingredients that will help your metabolism throughout the day. Many clients report not only weight loss, but increased energy, softer skin, better sleep, and many more health benefits due to a clean, holistic diet. We start you off with standard portions and a balanced diet including grains, but we work closely with you to make sure you’re seeing results, and can make adjustments to portions and ingredients as needed so that you are feeling amazing!

What if I have allergies, am very picky, or would like a Paleo or Vegan/Gluten free mealplan?

You can specify any allergies/preferences in the intake form, and we take take great care to customize the plan to account for these. We offer Paleo or Vegan plans at no extra cost-- you can specify this in your intake form if you would like this type of meal plan.

Can you deliver everyday?

Our meals are made fresh and hold well. We deliver 2-3x per week, depending on which plan you're on. Extra deliveries can be made, for a $8 charge.

When are delivery times? Do I have to be home?

Vancouver: Sunday (3pm-9pm), Wednesday (6-9pm) and Friday (6-9pm) evenings, Vancouver: Monday and Thursday mornings (8-10:30am)
Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, NewWest, Surrey (Please make sure you check boundary map):  Sunday (6-9pm), Wednesday (6-9pm) and Friday (6-9pm) evenings
Vancouver, North and West Vancouver: Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, (6-9pm) We do recommend that someone is home to accept the delivery, we do not recommend the orders are left outside unless otherwise stated it is OK.

Do I have to keep paying each week?

No, the membership will automatically renew each week, unless you request to pause or cancel. If you are going away on a trip you can let us know and we can pause your membership until you return.

Are consultations mandatory?

Most clients do not require an initial consultation, however we are readily available to meet with you and go over the meal plan or offer tips and advice if you need to. We recommend for clients to try out the first few deliveries, and if a consultation is required afterwards to answer any questions or make adjustments, we can always do so!

Any family-style, size plans?

Yes, we can offer family size dinners to any plan, or if you have children you would be interested in signing up for a meal service, we can create a custom plan for their needs

What is the difference between Weight loss/Athlete plan?

Our Weightloss plans are for those who are primarily interested in a certain amount of weightloss in a holistic, maintainable way, and who are not necessarily very active. Great for people with sedentary jobs or who work out less than 30 minutes a day. Whereas the Athlete program is designed with larger portions, for those who require extra nutrition due to increased activity or metabolic needs.. The Athlete plan is also recommended for New or expectant mothers, or people who are not looking for weight loss, but would like to maintain their current health in a convenient way! You can always switch your plan if you find one is not the right fit for your needs.

How soon can I get started after I sign up?

Usually within 2-3 days after receiving your intake form. This may be more limited if you live in a delivery area with more limited delivery days (Burnaby, North/West Van, New West, Richmond)

How are the meals delivered?

The meals will arrive fresh and fully cooked, and come in individually portioned, recyclable, microwavable plastic containers. Your meals will arrive in reusable thermal bags (there is a $30 deposit for the bags, which is refunded upon cancellation of membership and return of the bag). Simply swap the driver your old bag when your delivery comes!