Rachel had been exercising fairly regularly with a trainer since 2014. She’d gained muscle but had little success in trimming down. And was pretty sure it was due to a lack of discipline when it came to nutrition.

I would eat out all the time and often my food choices were heavily loaded with carbohydrates. My trainer and I tried different methods—meal diary, MyFitnessPal App to keep track of calories, you name it—nothing worked.”

So Rachel decided to look into meal delivery options. Her goals were clear: she wanted convenience, little prep time, and food that satiated her cravings. She chose Eat Your Cake because of its wholesome ingredients and flexible plan options.

“I shed 10 pounds in the first 3 to 4 weeks. I feel healthier and have more energy. And I have been maintaining my weight since!”

She loved the meals so much that she started sharing photos of her food with the other women who worked out with her trainer and found herself constantly talking about how delicious, nutrition, local, ethical, and wholesome Eat Your Cake’s menu was.

"My goal was not to lose weight or to look great in a bikini; I wanted to be healthy so I can have a healthy baby. I feel healthier than I have ever been, and finally last week, I got a positive result on my pregnancy test! I will continue to rely on EYC and my trainer to help me grow a healthy baby in my belly!”

Steven K

Steven K
Success Stories

Steven is a self-described Foodie. Which, according to him, also made him a “fatty”. He wanted to lose weight without giving up his love for food. And thought the goal might be impossible as a result.

"I was hesitant and a bit worried at the beginning. What would the food taste like? How would the food look? Am I going to get bored and fall victim to the mundane factor? "

He was all sorts of sceptical. A year later, we’ve clearly won Steven over.

"The food is honestly so tasty with creative ingredients and innovate recipes. The spectrum of food options are so vast and delicious you will not get bored. Seasonal vegetables and recipes and healthy natural meats (if you go for meat option) are always changing."

In addition to loving the food, Steven has also lost weight and seen a big improvement in his energy levels. Plus, he has more time now to do more for himself. So he invested in a personal trainer too.

"It may be a millennial selfish thing, but in this day in age, any time you can save for yourself is precious. Eat Your Cake has been a complete life changer for me and I am grateful to Joanna and the EYC team.

The best investment you can make is in yourself."*

Asha W

Asha W
Success Stories

I had gained over 45 pounds with my pregnancies (I stopped weighing myself after 45!) and was quite bummed out about it, as prior to this I was always very healthy and fit. 

"Being a new mom and a business owner, I was so busy, tired and overwhelmed with the changes in my body, and was having a hard time breaking the cycle of eating take-out and junk food that I was filling up on while pregnant."

Less than 6 months after having my baby, I am so pleased to say that not only am I back at my pre-pregnancy weight, but I have just as much (if not more) energy than before baby, and I can even see my old 6-pack coming back! ;) The most important and best part is that I am confident knowing that the foods I am eating from Eat Your Cake are providing my body with all the nutrition I need to keep myself healthy, and allow me to breastfeed my baby and make sure to stay energized and alert to be the best mom I can be for him.

As a vegetarian, the variety of meals is always pleasing, and I always look forward to my "healthy" dessert that helps feel like I'm not on a diet.

I feel and look great, and really couldn't be happier that this service allows me to not only achieve these health goals, but works with my busy schedule too!

*UPDATE-- I actually had a second baby just 1.5 years after my firstborn, and I'm happy to report the exact same results... a healthy pregnancy, great support and nutrition post-partum, and I'm now back to my pre-preggo weight and feel amazing!

Shayn W

From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough for the journey I’ve been on for the past two months.

For twelve years I have struggled with weight loss to no avail. I’ve tried every diet in the books, counted my calories, meal prepped, even fasted, but nothing has ever been sustainable. My weight has fluctuated all over the place, but no matter what I have always gotten heavier. Every year, my weight has sat at “around 230”, then “around 240”, finally then “around 250”. I had finally saved up enough money from my work and I knew what I was going to do. I was going to hire a personal chef.

It was a genius idea really. It would only cost me $1, 200.00. I would not have to buy any groceries because the chef would do all the cooking. They would even prepare the food at my house right in front of me. All healthy meals, five times a week, for a full month. I was all set. Only problem was, what would I eat on the weekends? Would the weekends be “cheat days” where I could go back to consuming fast food and two litres of soda per day (true story)?

This led me to google “healthy food in Vancouver”. There you were, first result. I spent an hour going through photos of your meals on google images, looking at keto options, pricing, and everything checked out. This was the perfect plan. But... no....no! Not open on the weekends??! I guess I’ll have to find something else. Thankfully, my girlfriend who is much smarter than me simply suggested “Why don’t you just go on Friday, and buy the meals for the whole weekend?”. Hmm... Good point. So I emailed, and asked if I there was a pick up option instead of deliveries. This was my first interaction with Joanna Wolski who enthusiastically told me to come on over!

I only dipped my toe in the water at first. I decided I would buy three meals and see if I liked them. If I did, then I would have my weekend option complete, and I could signed up with the personal chef. Then something happened. The meals, were freaking amazing! I couldn’t believe it. Healthy food is NOT supposed to taste good. That just goes with the territory. You are supposed to sacrifice enjoying good food, so that you can look better and be healthier. My whole life that was always the case. The food was so good, that I completely abandoned my personal chef idea and decided to jump into the “Eat Your Cake” pool.

First 10 days was simple. I would eat one “healthy meal”, and one crappy fast food meal to help ease me into it. This didn’t work too well. By day one, I could feel how much crappier I felt eating the crap food versus the “Cake” meals. So on May 1st, I decided I would only eat your healthy meals. Two athlete packages a day for at the very least a month, and see what would happen.

I’ll tell you what happened. I lost 25 pounds! 25!!! In a month! I’ve never lost 25 pounds in my entire life. And it happened in one month! Clothes that I had bought a few sizes smaller in the hopes that “One day I’ll fit in these” actually fit now! I have a jaw! I had no idea. I don’t skip gym days anymore because I actually have the energy to go. All those things about confidence, and changing your life, and changing even your skin on those weight loss infomercials are all true! I honestly can’t believe it.

At some point though, I knew I would have to learn how to cook meals myself. Unfortunately, that time is now. So I just wanted to say a giant thank you to each and every member of your team. This has been a twelve year struggle, so when I say I couldn’t of done this without you, I hope you understand that levity in which I say it with. For packaging me those cookies when I was going through my sugar withdrawal, cooking ribs early for me because of my excitement towards getting to try them, and encouraging me not to quit when I almost fell off the wagon there for a bit. I’m forever in your debt. You have shown me the path to heavy living, and it’s been a life changer.


Success Stories

Nikki wanted to lose weight and was sceptical when she signed up for the Eat Your Cake weight loss program.

“I confess that I looked at my daily allotment and wondered how it would be enough to get me through my busy days. By the end of the day, I was completely satiated—even after a workout.”

Within a couple of days, Nikki was already losing weight, which she loved. But it was the other changes that really surprised and delighted her: “I had an immediate change to my skin. I’ve obviously been missing some key nutrients because I started to get compliments right away about how great my skin was looking!”

When life happened, as it does, and Nikki’s senior dog became ill, she was able to spend more time with her old friend and less time worrying about eating healthy—all the good food was already cooked and prepared in her fridge.

“If I didn’t have the meals already in the fridge and a commitment to myself, dinner probably would have been takeout topped off by wine. Instead, it was a delicious salad following my workout.”

Thanks to Eat Your Cake, Nikki easily gave up her daily Frappucino habit and replaced it with healthy eating and energized living. Plus, the convenience of having healthy meals already prepared takes a whole lotta stress out of her life and adds a whole lotta time back in.

"Removing the added work of grocery shopping and trying to plan healthy meals is really helping me manage my time to do other things and be a bit more present after work. Having meals delivered three times a week is allowing me to look at my calendar and save the right meals for the days they are needed.

I’m down 11 lbs in just six weeks which feels amazing. I continue to be excited to see what my food choices are with the diversity of selections in each delivery. The delicious food from Eat Your Cake has me feeling fully back on track with my health and fitness goals and wanting to tell the world! Life keeps throwing some stressors our way but I’m feeling much more prepared to tackle them."



Leo trains hard for big fights. He has to show up strong, energized, and exactly on weight. There is no room for error. Precision is an important part of his sport. He came to us to help fuel his training for a big fight with Hard Knocks Training.

“Thank you for helping me make weight for my fight tonight. I won! Your nutrition plans kept me energized and well-nourished during training and allowed me to cut weight efficiently. Thank you!”

Pam J

Pam J

Using your service has made a huge impact on my health and has seriously changed my life! I have the Athlete plan, and my prior eating habits consisted of a lot of takeout, eating at restaurants and very occasionally cooking. I love cooking, but I also love having time to do other things I enjoy, so the cost of a meal for the time, stress and energy to cook is well worth it. I value eating well, and being stressed about needing to feed myself has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.


Eating your meals after the first two days made me feel differently, and better. My digestive system was so happy! My body functioned better, I lost that bloated weight and fatty areas, and my complexion dramatically improved.  I recommend you to everyone I know who is looking for a meal plan for similar reasons I did. I know there's a lot of competition out there now, but honestly, don't see the point in the ones where you receive the ingredients and have to cook it yourself. I hope your business flourishes because it really has improved the quality of my life! Thank you, Eat Your Cake!!!!!


Jennifer J

Jennifer had a moment. It was New Year’s eve and she was watching the beautiful Hawaiian sunset with her fiancée. It was 2015 and the year had been perfect—exept for one thing. Jennifer didn’t love her body. And it was starting to weigh on her.

"I was frustrated with what I saw in the mirror, and with the many attempts I had made at weight loss (everything from eating gluten free to paleo diet to vegetarian to increasing my exercise), with little to no visible results."

With her wedding coming up, she wanted to look and feel good—for herself and her bride. So she set a goal: VITALITY. She wanted to feel vital and alive. And decided to work with Eat Your Cake to achieve it that feeling. 

"The idea of having someone prepare my meals for me, as well as account for the calories and portion sizes I would need each day, enticed me right off the bat because I knew I needed help in this weight loss journey and could not do it alone.”

Jennifer, an avid spin class attendee, sign up for our Athletic Plan. The day before starting her new meal plan, she weighed herself: 176.5lbs.

"My weight dropped each week on my new Eat Your Cake diet...I went from 176.5 to 172.5 pounds in the first week! A 4-pound weight loss right off the bat both startled and inspired me. I had never expected to lose so much, not to mention the fact it didn’t feel like a diet. The food was gourmet and the portions large enough to satisfy me. I was loving what I was eating AND losing weight! It felt almost too good to be true."

After six weeks, Jennifer was down to 161.5 lbs. Not only a personal weight record but also a number that had her feeling the way she had wanted: vital and alive.

"I am beyond grateful knowing I will be able to stand at the front of the room on my wedding day feeling like a million bucks, watching my beautiful bride walk down the aisle, and knowing that dreams (and weight loss goals) really do come true."

Kristina Natalenko

Alpine Ski Racer
Kristina Natalenko

Kristina Natalenko is a provincial team Alpine ski racer whose goal was to become as fit and lean as possible so she could achieve her racing goals. She found that her commitment to fitness was impacting her nutrition. There was no time to eat properly and consistently and healthfully.

"I am someone who eats relatively healthy on my own. I cook my own meals and stay away from junk food. But something wasn’t quite working out for me. I kept putting on weight, even through lots of training and decent nutrition."

So she decided to take a different approach and consulted with Eat Your Cake’s nutritionist to create a meal plan that supported her athletic goals, fuelled her race pursuits and kept her lean.

“Eat Your Cake taught me how to eat clean with food that tastes amazing and is the correct proportions to the activity level I do.”

Kristina’s plan includes meals rich in anti-inflammatories to help her stay lean. She’s not only lost some body fat bit also noticed an increase in energy levels and big improvements in post-workout recovery times.

"Eat Your Cake is honestly an incredible meal prep group. I love the food! It's never boring as meals differ every time. I have seen how my body changed, and I,m sure many others have succeeded just like I have!"



Kim’s always been an avid trailrunner, but in 2017 she stepped up her game and began training for her first ultramarathon—a 60km run through the Purcell Mountains with 10,000ft of elevation gain. The goal was a lofty one and her training schedule quickly became the most time-consuming part of her life.

“I was running 2-8 hours a day, plus cross training 3 days a week, plus running two businesses. My meals quickly deteriorated into protein bars and popcorn at 9pm. I had no time to eat well. And about three months into training, I crashed hard. My iron levels had plummeted and I was at-risk of not being able to do the race.”

Not one for giving up on goals, Kim connected with Eat Your Cake, explained her unique dietary requirements—she’s a vegan endurance athlete and a picky one at that! We created a meal program that would keep her satiated and would be easy to eat on the go—at trailheads, in the car, en route to and from races. It was high in iron and antiinflammatories.

“My body was so happy to be eating real food again. In just a week I started to see some significant gains in my energy levels and athletic output. Even my coach commented: ‘Whoa! You are make big improvements.’ It was the food. And the best part for me, as someone who starts her day at 4am and ends it at 11pm—I never required more than 5 minutes of meal prep. When I was hungry, I ate well. So easy.”

Kim ran her first ultra in Sept 2017 fueled by Eat Your Cake. And crushed it.

“I felt stronger and more energetic than I ever have in my whole life. Thank you for helping me achieve this huge goal.”

Tupper Family

Tupper Family

Bryce and Jacqueline Tupper had aspirations to eat healthfully—but with two booming careers and two young sons, they found themselves eating out more often then not. Then, they found Eat Your Cake.

“We get three totally different levels of food,” says Jacqueline. “I get my lunches and snacks, all vegetarian. For dinners, half of it caters to my kids and their palate and the other half is for my husband and I—part vegetarian for me and fish for him.”

We deliver twice a week to the Tupper Family’s home and leave prepared meals in the fridge. The convenience factor makes their lives so much easier—and healthier.

“Before I go to work I check the fridge, pick my lunch and there’s always a yummy treat to go with it and off I go to work. It’s always something new, it’s always something fresh. If there’s anything I don’t like, I just say I didn’t enjoy it and it never shows up again.

It’s a really busy time, which is why Eat Your Cake saves my bacon!”