We're thrilled to help so many people achieve their health goals each month! Here are a couple of our featured clients who would like to share their success stories. Join EYC today, and have your own success story next month!

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I have always been a foodie…which eventually made me a fatty!

Cooking and eating for one is sometimes (always!) a drag, so Eat Your Cake was the perfect solution for me. Like I said, I am big foodie so at the beginning I was hesitant and a bit worried…1) what would the food taste like 2) How would the food look? 3) Am I going to get bored and fall victim to the mundane factor? (Of eating healthy).

Well here I am over a year and a half later still using the Eat Your Cake service. The food is honestly so tasty with creative ingredients and innovate recipes. The spectrum of food options are so vast and delicious you will not get bored. Seasonal vegetables and recipes and healthy natural meats (if you go for meat option) are always changing.

As my energy and general wellbeing started to improve I invested in a personal trainer (Moataz Shouman). With the extra time I had (not worrying/shopping/cooking meals Monday to Friday) I was given the gift of time to myself.

I literally have never had a problem with inconsistent deliveries, bad food quality, off food, or “gross” tasting food! Never!

It may be a millennial selfish thing, but in this day in age, any time you can save for yourself is precious. Eat Your Cake has been a complete life changer for me and I am grateful to Joanna and the EYC team.

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

Steven K

"Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for helping Leo make weight for his fight tonight (Friday) with Hard Knocks Fighting!! It just aired on the fight network.He won!!:-) We appreciate all your hard work! Your nutrition plans kept him energized and well nourished during training as well allowed him to cut weight efficiently. I'm sending one of my favorite fight photos of him as well. Thanks so much again!!"

Anna Band Leonardo X

Using your service has made a huge impact on my health and has seriously changed my life! I have the Athlete plan, and my prior eating habits consisted of a lot of take out, eating at restaurants and very occasionally cooking if I had the time.

Like many of your customers, it is because of time that I turned to your service. I value eating well and even work in the organic food industry, but have no time to make dinner and lunch. I would rather spend my time exercising, seeing friends, relaxing, doing coursework or doing work that sometimes spills over into the evening. 

The cost of a much healthier, pre-made meal equates what I spent on take out, if even! So considering time and energy saved from shopping and cooking, or buying junky take out, it is well worth the cost! 

Your selection of meals always surprises me. I haven't received a meal too many times and if I see a meal that I think may not be my favourite, it ends up tasting delicious! I can't believe how much variety there is in the meal selection!

Eating Eat Your Cake! meals after the first two days LITERALLY felt differently. My digestive system was so happy! My body functioned better, I felt better without the mental stress of thinking of meal planning, and I lost that bloated weight and fatty areas, and my complexion dramatically improved.  I didn't look unhealthy necessarily, but I now definitely look like I am very healthy.

I recommend you to everyone I know who has little time like myself. I hope your business flourishes because it really has saved my life! I was at the end of my rope with eating and this has saved my life and worries about it!!!"

Thank you Eat Your Cake!!!!!

Pam J

It was New Year’s eve, and I sat watching the beautiful Hawaiian sunset with my fiancee by my side. 2015 had been a wonderful year - in fact, almost a perfect year - except for one thing. I didn’t love my body. I was frustrated with what I saw in the mirror, and with the many attempts I had made at weight loss (everything from eating gluten free to paleo diet to vegetarian to increasing my exercise), with little to no visible results.
Our wedding is planned for March 17th, 2016, and I wanted to look and feel as good as I knew my beautiful bride would be on that special day, walking up the aisle toward me in her white wedding dress. But how to do it? That was the question.

I set my goal word for 2016 as VITALITY. I wanted to feel vital and alive again! I wanted so much to love my body! Inspired by the Hawaiian setting and our upcoming wedding, I went on the internet and found Eat Your Cake as a new dietary option. The idea of having someone prepare my meals for me, as well as account for the calories and portion sizes I would need each day, enticed me right off the bat because I knew I needed help in this weight loss journey and could not do it alone.

On a whim and without really knowing whether it would help me, I signed up for the Athlete meal plan at Eat Your Cake (I spin 4 days per week so they recommended the athlete meal plan for me as opposed to the weight loss one). I weighed in the day before starting my new meal plan (January 3rd, 2016) at 176.5lbs. My goal was to lose 20 pounds by our wedding on March 17th. It was a lofty goal, and unlike anything I had ever accomplished in my life before (as I had never been successful at losing more than 5 pounds). Yet a voice inside me told me this time it would work!

Sure enough, my weekly “weigh ins” continued to drop each week on my new Eat Your Cake diet...I went from 176.5 to 172.5 pounds in the first week! A 4 pound weight loss right off the bat both startled and inspired me - I had never expected to lose so much, not to mention the fact it didn’t feel like a diet. The food was gourmet and the portions large enough to satisfy me. I was loving what I was eating AND losing weight! It felt almost too good to be true.

Hoping the positive trend would continue, I stood on the scale the following week, praying it would have gone down even more, yet somewhat skeptical as it really did seem too good to be true. Sure enough, my weekly weigh ins continued to drop, going down to 169, 168, 166.5, 165, and 161.5, where I currently am. It is Valentine’s Day - February 14th - as I write this, and I have lost exactly 15 pounds to date! Not only is this a personal record, it is also an enjoyable process and one I intend to continue with indefinitely, even after I have met my 20 pound weight loss goal.

My co-workers have noticed my clothes becoming very baggy, and I am excited to go shopping for new ones to show off my new physique, all thanks to Eat Your Cake! And I am beyond grateful knowing I will be able to stand at the front of the room on my wedding day feeling like a million bucks, watching my beautiful bride walk down the aisle, and knowing that dreams (and weight loss goals) really do come true.

Thank you with all my heart.

Jennifer J

I have been exercising with my trainer since the end of 2014. I have gained muscle since I started training but have not had much success trimming down. It was most likely because I was not very disciplined with my eating... I would eat out all the time and often my food choices were heavily loaded with carbohydrates. My trainer and I tried different methods - meal diary, MyFitnessPal App to keep track of calories, you name it - nothing worked. I just simply loved to eat, especially after the gym at 9pm! So I decided to look into meal delivery options. I needed something that was convenient, with minimal prep time and can curb my food cravings. I came across an article that listed a few meal delivery services and EYC was one of them on the list. But EYC was different from the other ones on the list - using wholesome ingredients, and had different options like Weight Loss, and Athletic Maintenance, and I can choose the number of day a week to be on it. It was perfect! That means I can still go out for dinners on the weekend and eat healthy during the week!

I shed 10 pounds in the first 3 to 4 weeks. I understand that weight was not always the perfect way to measure fitness, but I felt a difference. I felt healthier and have more energy. I have been maintaining my weight since! The variety of meals is incredible. For a few months now I have shared my meal photos with a group of other girls that train with my trainer... and they have all been very impressed by EYC’s meals. The meals are great - different colored foods, using seasonal vegetables, and tastes awesome. And lately they have even started using meats from Two Rivers, where the animals are grown locally, naturally and ethically.

My goal was not to loose weight or to look great in a bikini; I wanted to be healthy so I can have a healthy baby. I feel healthier than I have ever been, and finally last week, I got a positive result on my pregnancy test! I will continue to rely on EYC and my trainer to help me grow a healthy baby in my belly! Thank you Eat Your Cake for helping me achieve my goal!

Thank you again!


Rachel P

"I had gained over 45 pounds with my pregnancy (I stopped weighing myself after 45!) and was quite bummed out about it, as prior to this I was always very healthy and fit. Being a new mom and a business owner, I was so busy, tired and overwhelmed with the changes in my body, and was having a hard time breaking the cycle of eating take-out and junk food that I was filling up on while pregnant.

Less than 6 months after having my baby, I am so pleased to say that not only am I back at my pre-pregnancy weight, but I have just as much (if not more) energy than before baby, and I can even see my old 6-pack coming back! ;) The most important and best part is that I am confident knowing that the foods I am eating from Eat Your Cake are providing my body with all the nutrition I need to keep myself healthy, and allow me to breastfeed my baby and make sure to stay energized and alert to be the best mom I can be for him.

As a vegetarian, the variety of meals is always pleasing, and I always look forward to my "healthy" dessert that helps feel like I'm not on a diet.

I feel and look great, and really couldn't be happier that this service allows me to not only achieve these health goals, but works with my busy schedule too!"

Asha W