“We are so excited to try the new items and the ones we’ve tried so far have been deliciously amazing, helping in every way to get through the week. Having the meals prepped and ready to pack has made my life so much easier and I really appreciate and love how healthy and delicious everything tastes. Definitely kid friendly!”* — Jenn G
“This is my go to place for delicious meals and desserts. I can really feel the difference in how I feel and how I perform in the gym. Now I don’t feel guilty for eating dessert since I know it is actually good for me now!”* — JoshD
“I was one of this businesses first customers, and even though it was in the very early stages, and there was sure to be teething issues, everything promised was delivered promptly by the owner herself! The entrees were inventive and delicious and even better, the desserts were amazing! The pound cakes are a must-try (as are the power bars!).... and somehow, all of it was clean, raw and/or healthy! Great to see this concept take shape and hopefully it’s the first of many to come.”* — Todd S
“I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the food so far. I’ve tried a lot of diets, but this is by far the easiest to stick to and actually makes my life far *less* stressful! I can’t wait for my second delivery tonight!”* — Andrea S
“Eat Your Cake is amazing! I’ve been lucky enough to try a lot of the different delicious treats and meals that they make and I’ve always been super impressed! Their food tastes so awesome its hard to believe its actually healthy and good for you too!”* — Dave W
“Five Stars! I am a new customer with Eat Your Cake and so far I’m delighted. I’m vegetarian and it is wonderful to have so much variety! Everything I’ve tried so far has been both delicious and healthy! I feel more energized than before and I’m sure eating these meals will help with my blood sugar levels. I am really enjoying this program and look forward to my next delivery. I highly recommend this company!" All the best.”* — Jean
“An amazing concept. I have only been doing it for a few days, but the food is not only delicious but it is beautifully presented and little pieces of “food art”. Joanna definitely knows what she is doing you can tell that there is lots of thought and care put into the food she is preparing for you. The ingredients were much more extravagant and creative then I ever thought possible. At first I was hesitant (price wise), but after I went through my food expenses over the last 3 months (groceries, takeout lunch when I forgot it at home, and takeout I ordered when I was “too tired” or “too lazy” to prepare dinner after work), and low and behold, the pricing structure Joanna has is pretty accurate and more than worth every penny. I am eating all the foods and ingredients (not to mention organic) that I have tried very hard to incorporate into my diet before “Eat your Cake”. I highly recommend to anyone I can.”* — Steven K
“The concept of Eat your cake is so wonderful for someone like me that doesn’t like to prepare elaborate meals for myself. The convenience of ordering online, and then within days having my fridge and freezer stocked is amazing! And the food is so healthy and filling! Definitely worth the money!”* — Michelle F
“I love Eat your cake! and the best part it really works! am so happy with Joanna, she is so nice and supportive. As a latina I love to eat good food but sometimes you think that you are eating healthy but you are not with this meal plan and the help of Eat your cake team you will be able to reach your goals and get healthy options and also enjoy the food. I lost 15 pounds in my first month , I cant be more happy!!! I feel really healthy! thank you for all the support! keep the great work! if you really want a change! don’t waste more time and join Eat your cake! meal plan :)”* — Pamela C
“.. so no joke. Ive pretty much already ate everything. Just got back from my friends and i opened everything and finished almost all of it. Cheesecake is delicious btw! Everything is amazing. My favourite is the peanut butter cookies. But i mean wow. Just wow... a real talent. I ate wayyyy too much at this time of day hahahha but i couldnt help it. Best thing is tho i dont need to feel tooooo guilty... made with love that’s for sure!”* — Talia V
“Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for helping Leo make weight for his fight tonight (friday) with Hard Knocks Fighting!! It just aired on the fight network.He won!!:-) We appreciate all your hard work! Your nutrition plans kept him energized and well nourished during training as well allowed him to cut weight efficiently. I’m sending one of my favorite fight photos of him as well. Thanks so much again!!:-)”* — Anna Band Leonardo X
“One of the main reasons I started ordering your meals was because my three-month blood sugar average had been stuck at 8.0 for a year and I really wanted it to be a little lower. I was hoping for 7.9 today when I went for the test – and it is 7.5! I am thrilled. Thank you so much for your help.”* — Jean
“I had gained over 45 pounds with my pregnancy (I stopped weighing myself after 45!) and was quite bummed out about it, as prior to this I was always very healthy and fit. Being a new mom and a business owner, I was so busy, tired and overwhelmed with the changes in my body, and was having a hard time breaking the cycle of eating take-out and junk food that I was filling up on while pregnant. Less than 6 months after having my baby, I am so pleased to say that not only am I back at my pre-pregnancy weight, but I have just as much (if not more) energy than before baby, and I can even see my old 6-pack coming back! ;) The most important and best part is that I am confident knowing that the foods I am eating from Eat Your Cake are providing my body with all the nutrition I need to keep myself healthy, and allow me to breastfeed my baby and make sure to stay energized and alert to be the best mom I can be for him. As a vegetarian, the variety of meals is always pleasing, and I always look forward to my “healthy” dessert that helps feel like I’m not on a diet. I feel and look great, and really couldn’t be happier that this service allows me to not only achieve these health goals, but works with my busy schedule too”* — Asha W
“Life gets busy, and when it’s busy, one of the first things we tend to fail at is healthy eating. My family and I were often getting take-out food and throwing away spoiled unused groceries. I needed to find a solution to get my family healthy, and save me time. I was receiving a lot of advertisements for home delivery of healthy, fresh food that you can cook in 30 minutes. This sounds like a wonderful idea, except that you still need to cook the food (and it takes more than 30 minutes according to my friends who have tried it). Upon researching the various companies who offer this service, I came across EAT YOUR CAKE! www.eatyourcake.ca Our main goal was to eat healthy. After perusing the website and reading all their five star reviews, I decided to give it a try. My family decided to go ALL IN. We signed up for the 7 day weight-loss meat eating plan. This included 3 FRESH meals and 2 snacks a day, delivered to your home twice a week. (The website has 3 to 7 day plan options, vegetarian, fish or meat and family dinner plans as well). We were surprised at how much food we received (see the picture of my refrigerator with 3 days of food for 3 people). We, as a family, were not accustomed to eating clean, and didn’t expect the food to taste good. We were pleasantly surprised! (picture of my first breakfast and lunch) The 2 snacks per day really help in keeping you from getting hungry (I eat them in between meals). I look forward to the snacks, especially the dessert ones. This plan is so easy. You do not have to cook! A schedule is provided for each family member, so you know which meals to eat on each day. After a few days of eating clean, I noticed reduced bloating in my face and stomach and I slept really well through the night. Each of us lost 0.5 pounds to a pound a week. We started with EAT YOUR CAKE on Sept 25. After 7 weeks, we as a family of three, have lost a total of 32 pounds! I highly recommend EAT YOUR CAKE! Since joining, we have not thrown out any food and have not ordered any takeout. We feel good and we save so much time not having to go grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning dishes. And when we go out to a restaurant once in awhile, we can feel the difference within 24 hours, and it does NOT feel good. Last but not least, their customer service is amazing! Joanna and Josh truly want you to succeed and are always quick to respond to emails. We are so happy we found EAT YOUR CAKE!”* — Lisa Y
*"Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.